Birdman has actually answered most inquiries about his legal troubles with Lil Wayne by sindicate saying, “That’s my kid.” But Cash Money’s franchise player made it clear that he doesn’t feel the exact same method.

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In a new video through HipHollywood‘s Jasmine Simpkins, Wayne is being interregarded about Gone Till November, his upcoming memoir made of journal entries he composed while he remained in priboy. After speaking around the book and what he went with in prison, Simpkins asked Wayne around his relationship with Cash Money co-founder Bryan “Baby/Birdman” Williams.

“How are you and also Baby? Are you cool exterior of the service stuff? … Do you think you men will have actually a friendship again?”

“I’m 34 baby, I’m also old for friends,” Wayne flatly responded.

“You males are even more like family, friends is prefer dumbing it dvery own,” she asked.

“His last name’s not Carter, baby,” Wayne shelp. “He’s not family.”

Wayne previously described Williams as “daddy,” since Williams took Wayne under his wing once he was a son and also Wayne’s father abandoned the household. He signed through Cash Money Records, wright here he was a member of the Hot Boyz before ultimately ending up being the label’s biggest earner after other artists left the label bereason of money issues.

But in December 2014, Wayne sued Cash Money for a whopping $51 million for money owed to him for developments, his solo occupational, and money owed for his duty in Young Money artists prefer Drake and also Nicki Minaj. The lawsuit alleges that instead of paying Wayne, that Cash Money and also parent label UMG conspired to have actually revenues siphoned ago to UMG to pay off Cash Money’s debts to the company. The label has also refprovided to release Lil Wayne’s album Tha Carter V, which Wayne has actually lengthy because turned in. Manager Cortez Bryant, in a recent interwatch via Rap Radar, said he had actually brokered a attend to Google Play to release the album for free, but that Cash Money and UMG axed the agreement.

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Wayne have actually seemed chummy in a couple of photos that have surchallenged over the previous couple years. And Williams stays clear of questions around the issue, saying that Wayne is his kid, perhaps implying that he has confidence that the partnership will remajor despite the legal problems. But if this interwatch is any indication, Wayne doesn’t view the lawsuit ending amicably.