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Now I promise you 2 c** house at nite Yea rite,I promise you 2 constantly treat you rite yea rite,I promise 2 be down 4 you n never cwarm however as soon as I"m wit a dime pieceI can view dem tears flying dvery own yo cheek,Y you thug me choose dat cuz I"m thug"d.I startin pullin away 4rm girls once we begin falling in love.Was go take you on a cruise yet I readjust my mind.I always promise you the movies however I have no time.I"m wit my niggaz fifty percent the day n she aint feeling dat.Y she at home food preparation n cleaning I"m acquiring stacks.She love a nigga yet I be damn if she trust a nigga.But the s** still a 10 once we fucking nigga. N she like:Y you thug me favor dat? I swear 2 god I don"t suppose 2,Sometimes I feel prefer I do not need you. Now I promise not leave ya pussy wet yea rite,I promise you 2 present you amount respect yea rite,I guess I live the life of a super star driving all dez intricate cars,N genuine talk male I can have any broad. Plus I hate 2 watch you crying, I hate 2 tell you lies, that"s y deep inside she be like y you thug me choose dat. It"s simply in me, been doing girls wrong since I stepped off in Mckinley. Hate 2 put my hands on ya cuz I feel poor. I wear a rubber as soon as I"m fucking but you don"t feel dat. They acquired most woguys wrong, got many women solid. But once you acquired a super star you gotta hold on. Super star go try 2 fuck all dez hoes yea rite, but once they zip down them bauds everything alideal. My nigga bleek he like: go house 2 yo ol" lady, she capture yo ass slipping she go bust dat 380.Y you thug me prefer dat?I swear 2 god I don"t suppose 2, occasionally I feel like I do not need you. Look this exactly how I play it,If I ever fuck with ya,Ima fuck one more girl see if you go fuck one more nigga.Y you thugging choose dat.Cuz I"m boosie badass,If she do not suck it I act mad,I can not do nothing yet laugh.I made the girls prepare 4 me n do not also c** by,Hope this dirty shit don"t c** earlier on Tarlasia n Ivy.I make the girls pussy wet as soon as I look in they eyesSo boosie never surprised when he obtain in them thighs.I got my heart broke at 14, that was way means back.So all the girls after that, it was directly pay earlier.I favor 2 lay ago n take trips n dress you up,But once you begin moupoint off you messing up.So shut it up. Would you foroffer a actual nigga answer that?Would you still be with him answer that.If he had another baby put you in a situationWould you forprovide him or leave him n hate him.Y you thug me favor dat? I swear 2 god I don"t intend 2,Sometimes I feel favor I don"t require you.