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While Lightfunctions has only freshly end up being accessible to the basic public, this tool has actually been used specifically by professionals for many kind of years. It is a very effective tool that comes with some unique functions. When it pertains to accelerating a video, there are an extremely few tools that can match the performance and efficiency of Lightworks.

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However before, finding out to use this tool properly is a little bit challenging. If you are wondering how to rate up video in Lightworks, you involved the appropriate location. Read on to learn the step-by-action process to speed up or slow down a video through this software program.

How to Speed Up a Video in Lightworks

Lightworks comes with numerous effective features. One of the the majority of prominent functions is its ability to efficiently speed up a video clip. Even though it might seem challenging to implement, through correct guidelines you have the right to easily learn to take benefit of this feature and create some exceptionally distinct, high-quality content.

How to Speed Up a Video in Lightworks

Following are the guidelines on how to speed up video in Lightworks and also rate it down. The instructions for both are fairly comparable to each other.

Method 1. Speed Up a Video (Quick Motion)

Follow these procedures to rate up a video in Lightworks:

Launch Lightfunctions on your computer.

Use its interface to import the video that you wish to speed up and also then drag and drop it to the Timeline listed below.

Next, right-click on the video displayed in the Timeline and then pick the Speed alternative from the food selection. The Change Speed Segment home window will show up.


Use that home window to enter the portion of rate according to your choices and also then click Do It to conserve your transforms.


Repeat the above steps to rate up the audio also.

Pevaluation your alters and also if you are satisfied with them, usage the software interchallenge to save the video.

Method 2. Slow Down a Video (Slow Motion)

The approach to slow-moving dvery own a video clip is basically the exact same. Follow these measures to sluggish dvery own a video clip in Lightworks:

Launch Lightfunctions on your computer system and also then import and also include your video to its Timeline.

Once the video has actually been added to the Timeline below, right-click it and also then click the Speed choice.

Use the Change Speed Segment home window to specify the desired speed of the video by picking percentage or enter the rate level in numbers, and also then click Do It.


Now right-click on the audio track presented in the Timeline below your video. Then use the very same measures as provided over to slow-moving dvery own its speed.

Once you have actually configured the play rate of both audio and also video tracks, use the preview window to view the changes.

Once you are satisfied via the changes, you have the right to continue to conserve the video.

Other Useful Features in Lightworks

Following are various other helpful features in Lightworks:

Various basic and advanced video editing and enhancing utilities, e.g. trim, split, merge, rate up, slow-moving dvery own, turn, change audio, and also even more.

Wide array of real-time video effects, e.g. color correction, masks, mattes, blurs, as well as 100+ integrated effect presets.

Hundreds of message results and also title animations. Ideal for developing a lyric video.

Quick precision video trimming makes trimming any video convenient and enjoyable.

Customizable user interface. You deserve to also develop your own key-board shortcuts for making use of this tool.

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Project sharing capability enables for true real-time cooperation.

Optimized for rate. Lightfunctions also allows you to continue functioning on your video modifying job while you are importing stuff.

Better Option to Speed Up a Video through!

Now that you recognize exactly how to rate up video in Lightworks, you could be interested in finding out about its different tool that supplies more ease-of-usage and also convenience while moving the exact same outcomes. If you are in search of such alternate, then don’t look even more than

This beginner-friendly and progressed video editing software is a far better option to speed up a video. Not just does it have actually excellent video editing and enhancing capabilities, it also excels at enhancing videos for social media sharing, friends and household, company, and also even more.

How to Use to Speed Up a Video

Follow these instructions:

Import the video that you wish to speed up. Then you can use drag and also drop method to easily add media to's timeline.


Once the video has been included to the tool, double-click on it and also then use its Toolbar food selection to find and select the Edit option. This will certainly open the Editing home window.


To rate up the video, click the Speed icon shown in the Toolbar. This will certainly open up the Speed adjustment window. On that window, you have the right to speed up the video rate by relocating the slider on the Speed bar to the appropriate.


Once you have actually increased your video according to your choices, click the OK button to save the transforms.

Finally, click on the Export switch to save your rapid activity video.

How to Use to Slow Down a Video

The technique to slow-moving down a video clip through is approximately the same. Follow these steps:

Launch on your COMPUTER and also usage its interconfront to import your wanted video to the software application.

Once the video has actually been imported, double-click on it and also then select the Edit alternative presented in the Toolbar menu.

In the Editing window, you will must find and usage the Speed alternative in order to slow down your video. Navigate to the Toolbar > Speed and then move the slider on the Speed bar to the left to sluggish dvery own the video.


Next off, click the OK switch to conserve the changes made to video’s playearlier rate.

Click export to save your video.


Main Features

Following are the major attributes of this tool:

Rapid Video mode is an exclusive function that lets you produce premium high quality slideshow videos through just one click.

All basic video modifying devices are accessible, e.g. adjust speed, revolve, merge, split, trim, chop, redimension, and so on.

Wide array of well-off and also vivid results to boost your video. These incorporate titles, animations, filters, transitions, etc.

Huge royalty-cost-free music library which you have the right to usage to select tracks for your slidepresent.



In conclusion, Lightfunctions is a powerful tool that can aid you to slow dvery own or rate up a video. The guidelines listed over will certainly assist you to use this tool properly to change the rate of your video.

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If you are interested in a Lightworks alternative that lets you change video rate as well as perform other video editing and enhancement jobs, then don’t hesitate to try This feature-rich tool is appropriate for both beginners and also advanced individuals.