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A effective editing suite, via many features for free? What’s the catch?

BySteve Paris14 October 2020


Our Verdict

A extremely exciting video editor via powerful devices, but its tempting lure of being totally free hides the fact that a necessary export option is just accessible in the paid-for variation.

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Against1080p export is a ‘pro’ featureSome brand-new ideas have the right to be frustrating to useA little bit daunting if you’re a newcomer to video editing

Editing is pretty much straightforward if you’re used to various other editors, although it does contain a few brand-new principles for obtaining job-related done (Image credit: Lightworks)

Lightworks uses 4 various workspaces: Log, Edit, VFX and also Audio, depending on the kind of job-related you’ll be doing. When assembling a job, for circumstances, you’ll most likely be spending a lot of of your time in ‘Edit’.

Each workarea is customised for its certain workcirculation, yet you’re likewise free to resize the miscellaneous sections to suit your very own preference. Tbelow are borders to exactly how tiny a area have the right to obtain, and also you can’t relocate sections around, however it’s excellent that there’s some adaptability.

You deserve to import clips from the Log workroom, either by looking with your easily accessible clips from the interconfront, or maybe even more conveniently, by dragging them from their place on your hard drive onto the Lightfunctions window.

As you navigate with Lightfunctions, little bit tips pop approximately aid you gain the a lot of out of the software application (Image credit: Lightworks)

You’ll notification little bit ideas appearing lower left when you try some new feature for the first time. It’s a nice method to help you understand also the interconfront as you learn your means through it, however if this annoys you, it’s also straightforward to disable that function.

Titles are in the VFX workspace, and are totally customisable (Image credit: Lightworks)


Building an edit is pretty much as you’d intend from a experienced level video editor. You have actually multiple layers, have the right to preview clips, collection in and out points, the functions.

Tright here are a few functions that made us stand also up and take notice (both good and also bad), some of which we’d like to chat about here:

First, the amazing.

Hover over clips and handles show up at either finish of them - depending wbelow the cursor is positioned. The highlighted portion is either on the interior or exterior side of that finish.

Select any of them by clicking on them - turning the take care of yellow. You deserve to then drag them left or best to change the edit point, or the gap in between two clips depending on what you schosen.

If you highlight both the left and best handles of a clip, its position in the timeline and duration remains the exact same, but as you drag left or ideal, you move its in and also out points in relation to the original clip, ie, you’re altering the part of the clip you’re using.

Innovative though this is, it deserve to gain tricky, specifically as soon as working with multiple layers and multiple handles throughout multiple clips obtain instantly selected.

This is definitely somepoint that demands exercise to perfect.

Next off, the frustrating.

Although you have the right to work with multiple layers of audio and video, it’s not all sunshine and daffodils.

In other editing and enhancing software, including a video on layer V1, would add the audio in layers A1 and A2 (for stereo sound). Were you to put a video on V2, its audio would automatically go to A3 and also A4.

Not so via Lightworks: put a video clip in V2, its audio goes to A1 and A2, thereby potentially overcreating any type of audio currently tbelow that belongs to a clip on V1.

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Moving a video clip to one more layer will certainly likewise not immediately move the audio to various other layers, even though the audio and also video are attached.

This may not sound prefer a big deal until you realise that you rise the potential for mistakenly overcreating audio which you’d then have to resource aobtain, wasting the majority of priceless time.

Find an effect you choose, drag it onto a clip and then alter its parameter. It’s effective and also straightforward (Image credit: Lightworks)

You choose an effect, drag it onto a clip, transform its parameters (consisting of the capacity to have them adjust over time many thanks to keyframing), and also you’re done.

It deserve to be a small tricky to discover your means roughly, and for us the the majority of confusing element was the transitions. To start with, you should add the change to the clip that’s above one more one.

Next off, Lightfunctions treats transitions like any various other result, and uses it over the whole size of a favored clip. You then need to access the ‘Graph’ area to alter its duration (basically making keyframes for the transition). It’s not as effortmuch less as it could be, yet on the plus side, you deserve to develop visually amazing transitions.


One welcome attribute you don’t also alert is the truth Lightfunctions immediately conserves your occupational, so you don’t need to concern about losing what you developed bereason Lightfunctions or your computer determined to crash suddenly (for the document, Lightworks was exceptionally steady while we tested it out and didn’t crash once).

But exporting, that’s a various matter. First just how do you execute it? Tbelow are no apparent buttons or menus to push in order to achieve this. If you don’t know, you might be stuck for a while wondering what to do.

Exporting is pretty limited in the totally free variation. It’s additionally nearly difficult to discover this attribute, unmuch less you know wbelow to look (Image credit: Lightworks)

The answer is simple as soon as you recognize, and also we wish tbelow was a prominent signshort article to assist newcomers along: right-click the Timeline’s sidebar and also float over the ‘Export’ menu.

This is wright here you’ll view all the exporting choices available to you… if you go for the Pro variation. You might think, it’s ok, you don’t need all these choice, all you desire is H.264 and also a pathmethod to YouTube and Vimeo. Except the complimentary alternative also limits your exports to 720p. If you want complete HD and also past, you need to pay for the privilege.

Which is even more than fair enough: everybody needs to eat after all. So, what’s the benefit of going ‘Pro’?

Paying for features

More advanced exporting alternatives for one, and also considering that HD exports is really a straightforward expectation these days, it feels favor Lightworks isn’t really totally free. It’s totally free while you play approximately and also hone your skills, yet the minute you must export anypoint at an meant quality, you have to seriously think about paying the piper.

Other functionalities you acquire include conserving your task wherever you want on your computer, rather of the area mentioned by Lightfunctions, progressed job sharing options, stereoscopic audio output, timeline rendering, and assistance for AJA, Blackmagic, Matrox and Mackie Mixers.

And just how much will this set you back?

You have actually a choice of subscription services: either paying $24.99 (£17.99) a month, or a heavily discounted $174.99 (£119.99) a year. Selecting to pay yearly additionally grants you accessibility to the Boris Graffiti plugin package (valued at $299).

If you’re no fan of subscription models, you can buy the software application outideal for $437.99 (£299.99), and also along with Boris Graffiti, you’ll additionally get the Boris FX plugin package (valued at $299).

Final verdict

There’s a lot to like in Lightworks. There’s enough tright here for you to edit and also composite a whole video job. Tbelow are some interesting brand-new ideas, and also some frustrating ones (no software program is perfect). But it’s not really totally free if you’re trying to find high quality exports (if 1080p have the right to also be thought about top quality these days).

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The phelp tiers carry out offer some interesting benefits, and if you favor just how Lightworks… works, then it might be worth considering investing in this software.