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hello guys i am new to lightworks, so deserve to any of you please tell me how have the right to i connect the sub-clips i made from the exact same recording and also deserve to you save i mean export the final edit in complimentary version?sorry if this is the wrong section for this post.many thanks.
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Welcome to the forum.You basically edit the subclips the very same as clips in the sequence timeline. you can export via the cost-free variation subject subject to a limit of 720p to your hard drive, Youtube and also Vimeo.The quick start tutorial will obtain you started:

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If the Subclips have actually been put in the correct order in your Subclip filter or a bin, then Lightworks can also instantly merge these Subclips into a brand-new Sequence: Place the mouse in an empty area on the Subclip Filter or a Bin, ideal computer mouse button: "Make" / "Sequence from content", or: note wanted tiles and also "Make" / "Sequence from selection". A new Sequence tile shows up in the Sequence filter.To watch the timeline of this sequence and make any kind of further edits, double-click this brand-new tile.Export this sequence / timeline watch the video shown.
Mainly automatically translated--------------------------------------------Software: Lightworks 2021.1 & 2021.1.1 (& old 14.x , 2020.x) || Windows 10 Home, 20H2, 64 BitHardware: Intel i5-4440 (3,1 GHz); || RAM: 8 GB; || Intel HD Graphics 4600 (can use max. 2 GB of shared RAM)

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