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What happened/ where can I uncover the "copy noted section" in the new lightworks v14 layout, or how deserve to I copy a section of video to clipboard and also paste it in the timeline later on on? Any aid is considerably appreciated, thanks!
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How about recently developed CTRL+C and CTRL+V, don"t you prefer it?All clipboard regulates known from V12.6 exist as well. If the do not wotk, check your vital assignments.

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Won"t upday to v14 even though I have actually tried multiple re-unstalls/uninstalling then installing aobtain.

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Hello and also welcome!There are different suggestions via different results stated over.Please tell what you intfinish to perform.

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I figured it out I was trying to create a loop of my sequence on the timeline. I collection markers replicated it and supplied v to paste it at the finish. However, I find it is taking a long time to export. It has been 20+ minutes so much to perform much less than 20% of a 23 minute video.
Lightworks render performance on export is comparably high.If there"s visible development you might have actually a very facility edit, or many kind of results, or an under-powered computer system, or a mix of those.If you check out no development, the problem could be brought about by your footage, probably damaged or some kind of unsupported format.Please short article your computer system details (OS version, CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD) and also a mediainformation report of your footage. Here you"ll discover
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