Light d and dark d on kik

Like many type of chat apps Kik tries to store points as basic as feasible and let you know exactly what is going on and as soon as. It has actually 3 message standing markers, S, D and R that appear once you have sent out a message. It is these markers that let you know what is going on and also whether the perchild you’re chatting to has actually got and also review your message or not. But what happens once something goes wrong? What to execute if your Kik messages gain stuck on D for Delivered for example?


Kik messperiods stuck on R for Read

When a Kik message mirrors R for Read, it indicates the recipient’s Kik application has actually obtained and recognized the message you sent and the perkid has review that message. It is a check out receipt simply like you gain on email. A message doesn’t obtain stuck at R standing, a Kik user chooses to leave it tbelow.

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If your message is mirroring as R for a protracted amount of time, it is bereason the recipient does not desire to reply or cannot reply at that time.

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This isn’t necessarily bad as there are many type of factors why someone cannot reply best ameans. They may be at occupational, in class, busy with something or just not in the mood at that moment.

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There are physical factors why a message has not been replied to and also tbelow are other factors. Just bereason someone has actually not check out or replied to your messperiods in a while does not necessarily mean they are ignoring you or have actually blocked you. Real life happens and also as a lot as we might hate it, periodically we just need to wait. If all else falls short, simply speak to the perboy and also ask them what’s going on. Sometimes it’s excellent to reach out and also simply talk.