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To revolve on Drive Detection:

Tap on "Settings" in the reduced appropriate cornerTap on "Drive Detection"Tap on the slider to activateDo this on each member"s device

How perform I turn on/off driving Alerts?

Tap on "Settings" in the lower right cornerTap on "Smart Notifications"Tap on "Safe Drive Notifications"Tap on the Circle member for whom you want to rotate advises on or off
NOTE: This setting does not rotate driving detection on or off for a member, only the cautions for that member.

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Turning on Drive Detection will certainly permit your tool to detect your driving indevelopment and habits. Drive Detection have the right to likewise recognize certain events such as phone consumption, speed, hard-braking, and also quick acceleration.
NOTE: Drive Detection might boost battery drain. We are constantly boosting the function to keep the battery intake minimal.
Tap on "Safety" at the bottom of the display screen. Tap on "Crash Detection". All Circle members" Crash Detection Status will be displayed.

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Eexceptionally Circle member needs to turn on Drive Detection in order for the application to report their driving. To rotate this on, each member requirements to tap on "Settings",and also tap on "Drive Detection" and revolve the slider ON.
NOTE: Driving detection and also habits will certainly not be monitored if the gadget battery is 20% or less. At that allude, the present drive will be shown as having actually finished.
Yes. You will certainly still obtain advises about other Circle members as soon as your Drive Detection is paprovided as long as you have actually the cautions for them turned ON.

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NOTE: Driving detection and behaviors will certainly not be monitored if the tool battery is about 20% or much less. At that point, the present drive will certainly be displayed as having actually finished.