NOTE: The occasions in this chapter will be experienced differently based on what taken place at the end of Episode 2.

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Girls" Dormitories

The episode starts with you asleep at your desk, as soon as you are awake you obtain a text from Chloe asking you to meet her outside.

But initially, have an discover, and you can also communicate with your plant. The impact of our options to water it in the first and also second episodes determines whether your plant is alive ideal currently (the ideal decision is only to water it in one episode - Minor decision #1).

When you leave your bedroom (), the lights are off so you need to usage your phone to light your means.

Take a left and also go into the bathroom to check out Taylor and also talk to her () to discover out that Victoria has actually sneaked out. Or, as you pass Dana"s open door, she will speak to you in and additionally point out that Victoria has actually sneaked out when you talk to her ().

Either which means, Victoria"s room is now accessible.

Enter Victoria"s room ( - it"s nearly specifically opposite your room) to have a look around. In the bin by the desk you find the packaging for a glow in the dark activity number. This action number is on the bookinstance to the left of the desk. Shine your phone light on it for a minute till it has charged up, then you will certainly gain the prompt to take a photo ().

Parallax ViewTake optional photo #1 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory


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Then you are safe to head outside. There are a couple of objects of interemainder in here to learn more around Victoria, so feel complimentary to have a look about before you leave ().

If you entered Victoria"s room after talking to Taylor, then be sure to speak by and also talk to Dana prior to leaving the dormitories ().


Once you are outside, your favourite photogenic squirrel is playing with the fireflies on the bench on the right. As you go up to them, they run amethod to the tree. Stand in front of the bench and also rewind (). Once the squirrel is earlier in place you need to have the ability to take a photo ().

LenscraftedTake optional photo #2 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory


4 guides

As you go towards the path to the primary campus, you run right into the primary, who has been drinking. Rewind to stop this encounter and also sneak previous the boys" dormitories to reach the major campus.

This triggers a cutscene, you can"t carry out anything below, so simply sit earlier and watch Victoria and Mr Jefferkid.

High School

Once you are inside the institution Chloe reveals her key plan to break into the principal"s office.

Before adhering to Chloe via the door on the ideal, head to the science classroom (down the right-hand corridor, in first or second door on the left), to grab two optional photos.

Whilst you are in the lab have a look around, you will view a grade book on the teacher"s desk and you are able to change Warren"s grade (A+ or B+ depending on whether you aided him in episode 2) (Minor decision #2).

Go to the window-side of the classroom and inspect the fish tank. Turn the lights on () to disturb the fish and obtain a cool photo ().

The ReflexTake optional photo #3 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory


4 guides

At the back of the classroom by the shelves and also chemicals is a skeleton with a cigarette in it"s mouth, this is the second photo you have the right to take in below ().

HistogrammarTake optional photo #4 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory


4 guides

You deserve to currently go into the door on the best of the entrance to uncover Chloe and talk to her () as she tries to gain right into the principal"s office. You discover out that the stolen secrets will not occupational on that door and also you should uncover another solution. You can have a look roughly for those certain tricks, but no joy. You bet Chloe that you will uncover a method in first (she"s trying to pick the lock)

Your master plan is to text Warren, and uncover out just how one would certainly, hypothetically, blow open a door. He texts you a list of things to discover to make an explosive (


Sugar - this is in the exact same room as you are currently in, simply to the appropriate of Chloe close to the tea/ coffee provides. You have the right to likewise find some in the science classroom on the teacher"s desk.Soda water - buy a have the right to of coke from the sodan equipment in the ideal hand also corridor.Duct tape - go into the photography classroom on the best, it"s at the ago by the printerSodium chlorate - In the science classroom you discover a book on Warren"s desk that says that Sodium chlorate is actually weedkiller. Inspect the cabinet at the earlier by the skeleton, the weedkiller is on height - collect it for a funny cutscene ().

Now head ago to Chloe, and connect through her () to deploy the pipe bomb. After a lovely bang, the alarms begin going off. However, the office door is currently open at least.

Head right into the office and also rewind () to rotate off the alarms and also reverse the damages to the door. The door is locked, but you are now on the correct side of it to unlock it. Do so (), and also impush Chloe via your ninja time take a trip powers.

She instantly heads over to the desk, to enjoy the chair and poke around on the computer system. Wait till you have manage aget and also stand in front of the desk. Look over towards Chloe and take a cool noir-esque photo through the bronze bird statue ().

BokehTake optional photo #5 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory


You must uncover some student documents to continue, however I would certainly advise having actually a nose about the office for various other advantageous bits of information too.

Kate"s file is over on the cupboard directly oppowebsite the door, rotate on the light and check the fileA letter from Nathan"s father is on the deskThere are a pair in the cabinet to the appropriate of the desk including your very own (Rachel, Chloe, Max, Nathan, Victoria and also Warren)

Once you"ve discovered the documents, talk to Chloe (). She mirrors you what she"s uncovered on the principal"s computer system about Nathan.

Throughout the conversation she finds a huge sum of money in the principal"s drawer marked "Discapability Fund", and also you confront the initially crucial choice in the episode, leave it or steal the money to pay off Chloe"s debt with Frank (#1).

After she leaves the office, you deserve to examine the computer system yourself to see the files ().

Then head out of the office (maybe rotate off the lights on the way out?).

Swimming Pool

Let"s go for a swim! Why not? Inside the pool, it doesn"t matter which altering rooms you pick, because you can explore both from the pool-side.

If you talk to Chloe () by the pool she asks you to turn on the lights so she have the right to go for a swim. You have the right to uncover the controls in the lifeguard"s office in between the 2 changing rooms, you have the right to just accessibility it from the pool-side. Turn the power on ().

Have a look roughly prior to you talk to Chloe. Over by the side of the pool near the departure is a bunch of tools through a clipboard on top, you have the choice to rerelocate some names from the list and also add your own (Minor decisions #3 and also #4). It"s worth noting that you can be invited to the party and also still have actually the option to include your name to the list.

Talk to Chloe to go for a swim ().

When you obtain out to go house, you are surprised by patrolling guards that has actually discovered your break in.

Hide from them (you shouldn"t require your powers if you are stealthy), and then escape out of the ago door of the pool; pulling away in Chloe"s truck before they catch up.

Chloe"s home - Upstairs

You wake up in Chloe"s room, take a selfie () and then gain up (). Talk to Chloe, have actually a nosy, and also try and gain dressed in your garments () (Ew, why did they not have actually a shower?). Chloe supplies you some of her garments.

Open the wardrobe and look at the garments in tright here (), they belonged to Rachel Amber. Talk to Chloe aget, and also obtain an additional significant decision - whether to kiss her or not :) (#2)

Put the clothes on () and then you deserve to head out of her room (), but before you go downstairs head right into the bathroom.

Look at yourself in the mirror and take a photo of your brand-new outfit ().

PinholedTake optional photo #6 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory


Outside you can have actually a look at the dead birds and also the swing.

Head ago inside, and talk to Joyce. She will certainly ask you what you want for breakfast and ask you to seek out your breakfast ingredients. Depending on what you choose you will certainly have to discover eggs (by the front door in the hallway). The other ingredient is in the kitchen/ living room area (Bacon is in the fridge; Milk is on the table). Give Joyce the ingredients () and talk to her.

If you have a look around the downstairs, you will alert the light flashing on the phone - there"s a message. You have the right to listen to it (), and also you additionally have actually the alternative to erase the message () to soptimal Chloe getting into trouble (rewind initially so her mum doesn"t hear the message ()) - her automobile was spotted on campus last night (Minor decision #5).

Sit down at the table () to cause the next scene (there will certainly be a tiny wait, simply be patient and also look around), then as soon as the food arrives you can eat it (), then wait for Joyce to come over.

Chloe will come in and begin a scene so you deserve to escape into the garage to look for ideas.

Inspect the laptop () to discover out there"s a password. Have a look around the garage (2 rooms) to find 9 possible passwords.

: Make a note of the code on the padlock for the next episode." loading="lazy" />NOTE: Make a note of the code on the padlock for the following episode.

Once you"ve discovered feasible passwords, interact with the laptop aget and choose among the passwords. If you guess wrong 3 times and lock yourself out, you"ll have to rewind ().

Read the records on the computer and head back to the kitchen when you"re prepared ().

Talk to Chloe () and also her step-father, David, shows up quickly and they get right into an argument. You confront an additional major decision to side through either Chloe or David (#3).

Joyce will certainly come to be connected and depending upon your choice, she might tell David to leave. Continue with the scene till you can capture up through Chloe and also leave the home ().


At the diner you spot Frank"s RV and decide to snoop but it"s locked and also you deserve to hear a dog inside. Chloe claims she"ll find somepoint to distract the dog, and you decide to usage your ninja powers to acquire the secrets.

Before entering the diner, go roughly to the various other side of the door to view a trucker. Talk to him and also find out around his truck. Then rewind () and also this time use the information about his truck to impress him, cite Rachel Amber, and then ask if you deserve to take a photo via his 1977 Needham ().

ViewfinderTake optional photo #8 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory


4 guides

Whilst you are exterior, tright here are additionally a couple of points you have the right to look at.

You can also talk to the homeless woguys (again) and also tell her over the impending hazard (Minor decision #7).

To proceed, go inside the diner. Talk to Frank first; then the cop, Nathan and also Frank to get assorted bits of information to usage in the various other conversations (and a bit of gossip) - you will certainly liberally use rewind to get more conversation points ().

Only two of the conversation alternatives through Frank will certainly help; the remainder (including throwing his food or drink on him) will stall the conversation and also you"ll have to rewind.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The cop:Talk to him around "Nathan Prescott" to obtain a new conversation choice with him around the "Prescott Deal"Talk to him around the "Prescott Deal" to get a brand-new conversation choice with Nathan "Cop"s information"Talk to him about "David Madsen" to get a brand-new conversation option with Frank "David is after the gun"Talk to him around "Rachel and Frank" to get a brand-new conversation alternative via Frank "Saved Dogs"Nathan:Talk to him around "Cop"s Information" to obtain a new conversation choice "Blood Oath"Talk to him around "Blood Oath" to acquire a new conversation choice via Frank around "Rachel"s Photo"Talk to him around "Rachel and also Frank" to acquire a new conversation alternative via the cop "Rachel and also Frank"Talk to him around "Drugs For Sale" to acquire a brand-new conversation alternative via Frank to "Buy Drugs"Frank:Try to talk to him about "Chloe"s Debt" (dead end)Try to talk to him about "Rachel"s Photo" (he will pull out the photo and also his keys)Try to talk to him around "Buy Drugs" (dead end)Try to talk to him around "David is after the gun" (dead end)Try to talk to him about "Saved Dogs" (he will certainly pull out his keys)

When you uncover the ideal create, this will prompt him to obtain things out of his pockets. Once the secrets are on the table, grab them () and also rewind () - he"ll be none the wiser and you"ll have the ability to go outside and explore the RV.

Before you head to Chloe you have the right to conserve Alyssa (again). You have to method her initially, you"ll view her gain splashed, obtain close sufficient to acquire the conversation options up, then rewind time () and also conveniently select the warn () alternative prior to a auto splashes her (Minor decision #6).

Head to Chloe, she"ll have actually a really smelly bone. Open () the door and distract the dog, you will have actually a choice whether to throw the bone towards the parking lot or the road (#4).

Inside, explore everywhere to gain bits of information. You"re trying to find proof on Frank, you will additionally discover some exciting facts on him and also Rachel Amber. Furthermore, you find out his dog"s name is Pompidou :)

If you didn"t try and also shoot Frank and also he took the gun; you deserve to also discover the gun at this allude (if you discover it whilst looking - it"s in the cupboard over Chloe"s head) and you obtain an optional fifth crucial alternative around whether to leave the gun or give the gun to Chloe (#5).

You"ll uncover a couple of vents in the earlier of the van. Grab the knife from the sink to open the ideal one (not the one by the bed). Look inside () to acquire the book and photos.

Talk to Chloe (), she will be really upset on hearing around Rachel and Frank and also you leave saying in Chloe"s truck.

Max"s Room

Back in your room, you"ll pick up the old photo of you and Chloe that her mum gave you. You notice something odd. Use the left (

) and also appropriate (
) sticks to focus the photo.

Chloe"s House - Focus

NOTE: Big spoilers ahead

Once you obtain regulate of 11-year old Max, you have the right to inspect the video camera beside Chloe and choose to take a photo of her and her dad () (Minor decision #8).

Flash!Take optional photo #10 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory


3 guides

*** Spoiler - click to expose ***

The phone isn"t a lot usage, you deserve to try answering it or unplugging it, but the speak to then comes through on a mobile phone.

Try relocating the secrets, take them from under the hat () and location them in any hiding place - e.g: the plant. No joy, he pulls out a locator and also can find them.

You need to get the tricks out of array of the locator or damage the sensor on the keys. You can throw them out of the patio door or the home window, or put them in the kitchen sink - any choice will job-related ().

This will then mean that Chloe"s dad takes the bus to fulfill Joyce, and will not obtain right into the accident and also die.

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Main Campus

After that you simply need to sit earlier and also watch what happens next, at this point you start to wonder whether what you simply did was an excellent idea. At the finish of the final cutscene after the door opens up, the last success will certainly unlock.