Libreoffice mdb

run home window 10 64 little Libre office V6.0.0.3have actually Java 8 upday 161 and Java 8 upday 162 (64 bit)

error 1

the Connection to the data resource " name here" counl not be estabilimelted. the link could not be created may be the vital information provider is not installed

click even more on the box you get2 error both the link to the information soure "New database1" can not be estabilished

click ok the base openand not information load

error 2if i cleck on the MDB file it opens up in Libre write

question 1data provider is not set up what is it and also what file carry out i need to have?

question 2is error 2 part of error 1

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First please do not short article as Wiki. It helps no one.

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This is second post now with this difficulty. As LO 6.x has a variety of Bugs in Base, it may be the cause of the difficulty. Have you tried this with v5.4.x? Might be best to report as BUG - click to report to Bugzilla .


hi uninstall V6 install V5 exact same error as above

Will must dig out old Windows mechanism. Give me around 30-60 minutes. My connection on Linux functions fine but it uses a different link method than Windows.


Try it via a 32-bit Version of


Regina comment. My Windows is old 32 little via LO5.3.x & Java all being 32-little. Access connection functions fine. Just require the proper place of the .mdb.


how run a v5 32 little mechanism Error 1 is solve how however error 2 is the same on this version also

taybee Sorry I missed that suggest. You cannot open an .mdb file directly in LO. You have the right to only attach to it via Base and then only for tables & queries. Forms & macros are non-transferable.

Ratslinger many thanks for your help and also the information on Base will close this off how

Your welcome & thanks to
taybee if you want to cshed tright here is selection ( Xclose) reduced best of your question. Then you have the right to pick factor in dropdvery own.

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I have re-opened up this question because I have discovered a way to connect LO Base 64-little through Access in Windows 10 (guessing various other versions must work).

Not having actually supplied Windows for years (via rare exemption to test on an old 32-bit system) I never acquired to test this procedure. Was able to execute so on a Win 10 Home 64-bit mechanism utilizing LO v5.3.x 64-little.

On my Linux Mint18.3 system I use a connector UCanAccess (webwebsite here) to attach to Access DB"s. Turns out this very same connector functions on Windows 10 additionally. Although declared as so, have not personally tried through LO until currently. Have tested with UCanAccess v4.0.3 and v3.0.4 and both work-related.

First downfill and unzip the connector files right into a folder. Now open any type of LO file & go to Tools->Options then>Modern. Select Class Path button then Add Archive button. Then point to the ucanload.jar file in the unzipped downpack documents. It is in the loader sub-magazine. Then Open button. Class route will look comparable to:

relying on wbelow you actually put the unzipped documents, Then pick OK button.

Next you must add a parameter. Still on the Cutting edge page, select the Parameters... button. Tright here, in the Java start parameter line enter -DUCANACCESS_HOME=C:YOUR_FOLDER_LOCATIONUCanAccess-4.0.3-bin then click the ADD button via a result equivalent to:

Now you are prepared to produce a link to the Access file from Base. Open Base & select Connect to an existing database with the dropdown selection at JDBC then click Next off. In the Dataresource URL enter (after pre-existing jdbc:) ucanaccess://C:YOUR_ACCESS_FILE_LOCATION. In JDBC driver class: enter net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanloadDriver. Test Class button need to result in effective driver pack. If error, reinspect Class Path establishing in Cutting edge. Click Next switch. Can test link below. If error, check for appropriate file area (note: // before file place is important).

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Above display screen is slightly various bereason it was taken straight from the Base file. Entries are the same. Click Finish button and also conserve.