When it was announced ago in February that Josh Boone would straight the big-display screen adaptation of John Green"s beloved "The Fault in Our Stars," I automatically included the auteur"s directorial dehowever, "Stuck in Love," to my must-see list. The film, which stars Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins and Nat Wolff, debuted at last year"s Toronto International Film Festival and also opened up in limited release this previous weekend (earning the nerdfighter seal of approval along the method...).

"Stuck in Love" follows a family members of novelists—the Borgens—as they autumn in and also out of romantic entanglements over the course of a year. Formerly titled "Writers," the film is, unsurprisingly, as much a paean to love as it is to the created word. And if you"ve read "The Fault in Our Stars," that coupling must sound all too familiar.

What struck me many around "Stuck in Love"—with an eye in the direction of "The Fault in Our Stars"—was Boone"s treatment of young love, specifically the partnership in between Nat"s sensitive-souled Rusty and also his troubled girlfrifinish Kate (played by Liana Liberato).

A little background: To foster his children"s writing careers, patriarch William (Greg) pays his offspring to keep journals, which he frequently checks for dates but supposedly doesn"t check out. That is, until a line of pincreased in Rusty"s notebook catches his eye, and also he continues on, confirming his suspicions that his kid isn"t having actually enough "experiences" from which to attract motivation for his work-related. He tells a (rightfully) outraged Rusty to take chances, to live messily. It"s advice Rusty takes to heart, soon confessing his feelings for his crush and also embarking upon his initially partnership. But teen romances hardly ever provides happily ever before afters, and also it"s in Rusty"s exquisitely expressed agony and also ecstasy that I see shades of the heart-wrenching love story "The Fault in Our Stars" could end up being on the significant display screen.

And while Ansel Elgort beat out Nat for the duty of Augustus—the fellow cancer patient whom protagonist Hazel Lancaster falls for—I truly hope that Nat does indeed land also another part in the film, as he told jiyuushikan.org News he"s considering. Especially if it"s as fellow Cancer Kid Support Group member Isaac, seeing as Boone knows all as well well exactly how to lay bare Nat"s youthful vulnercapacity.

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"Stuck in Love" is open up in restricted release, opening wide July 26.

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"The Fault in Our Stars," starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, is scheducaused start production this summer.

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