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Last week on our Android customization series, we required to the default Android settings menu to regulate your display screen timeout. As an included bonus, we showed you wbelow the automatic protection lock stays as well, providing you the simplest and also most standard manage of your gadget to make it so that your display stays on longer, if that is what you desire.

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Today, we would prefer to break the ‘great for all’ trend, by looking at an LG specific attribute, Guest Mode.

The idea of a guest mode, as we will review today, is not exclusive to LG, Android introduced multiple user accounts a while earlier. However, LG’s Guest Setting does not create a full separate user account, as the Android solution does. Guest Setting simply creates a new environment via limited accessibility to apps and also features, which operates on peak of the existing user account.

Before we gain started

Tbelow are no downloadable apps to install this particular day, but you will require an LG gadget that is equipped through Guest mode. Guest Mode first became renowned on the LG G2, but I will certainly be reflecting it off on a brand new LG Realm. If this $20 phone, running LG’s skin on optimal of Android 4.4.2 KitKat, have the right to take care of Guest Setting, tright here is a great opportunity your more recent LG gadget can as well.

Finally, Guest Mode needs that you secure your gadget via the Pattern kind security lock. If you are not currently utilizing a Pattern to secure your gadget, you’ll want to set that up now before you can continue.

If you are still a tiny uncertain of what Guest Setting is on an LG gadget, be certain to head back to our previous coverage of the LG G2 and Guest Mode itself. The info is a little over a year old, but the premise remains the very same.

To allow Guest Mode, sindicate head on into your main system Setups.

Under the Personal header, choose Guest Mode.

Look for the On/Off toggle switch and turn it on. If you have not yet set Pattern as your lock display defense, you will certainly be triggered to do so currently. Without a Pattern in location, Guest Mode will not rotate on.


Tap on Set Pattern.

Create a new pattern that will be supplied by guests to unlock your gadget. Hit Continue, repeat the pattern and also hit Confirm to finish this action.


If you are setting up Guest Setting for your youngsters, so that they deserve to access games on your gadget without being able to access any various other attributes, your privacy is easy enough to regulate. However before, if you are handing your gadget over to someone else, you may be tempted to encompass apps choose a internet internet browser, maps and also even more.

I will certainly leave it to you to think this through, yet a pair quick examples to be mindful of, giving access to Google Camera enables a user to view your cam roll. More straightforward of an example, offering accessibility to Gmail does not offer them a blank slate to work-related with, it gives them your Gmail.

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Sindicate tap on Set apps.

Hit the Edit button in the height right corner.

Choose the apps your guests get to usage. In this particular LG device, you are limited to 20 application selections.

Tap OK to save and leave.


That is all tright here is also it. Exit settings and also go around your day.

LG’s Guest Setting is prompted from the lock display on your gadget. You will should revolve off your screen, and also wait for the compelled time for the auto lock to secure your gadget. Be sure to look back over last week’s Android customization post if you need a refresher on just how to manage this, or the Tasker tutorial on controlling your display screen, if you are using that.

From the lock screen, enter the Guest Mode pattern you had actually created previously.


Once inside, guests are presented via a basic homedisplay through symbols for the apps you have gave access. Guests cannot access any type of other apps, nor have the right to they acquire to the notice bar or app drawer. Guests deserve to long push each app to re-arrange the layout of the homescreen, but that is about the extent of functionality, aside from running the apps, of course.

When finimelted, ssuggest revolve off the display screen and earlier on aget to acquire ago to the lock display screen. Go into your normal pattern and go earlier to your normal usage.

One final note, guests can not accessibility the Recents list, yet anything they use will certainly show in your list. This is a simple strategy to monitor what your guest was approximately, if necessary. Of course, if you are in the habit of maintaining an empty Recents list, this simply provides you a handful of apps to swipe amethod.

What’s next

While LG’s Guest Setting is not the absolute finest means to secure your data once handing over your phone to anyone else, it does carry out a decent method to enable a trusted user to accessibility an application or 2 without messing through your stuff.

I would certainly not take into consideration Guest Setting to be secure sufficient to successfully lock out law enforcement, Customs or a TSA agent, if that becomes a case for you during any kind of holiday take a trip this Christmas seaboy.

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Next off week


We hope that the LG users out there found this week’s Android customization article to be valuable. We promise not to make a habit of offering tips and also tricks on manufacturer and tool particular tools, yet we favor the simplicity of LG’s Guest mode, and we believed you would certainly also. Next week, we would certainly favor to take a look at a brand brand-new attribute in Android 5.0 Lollipop that allows you to take regulate of your tool for your resting hrs. I hope you’ll sign up with us.

What tools perform you usage to secure your tool as soon as you hand also it over to someone else?