Lg g4 camera not working

If you owned the LG G4 smartphone and had actually the video camera fail problem on your smartphone, then this write-up will assist you to settle electronic camera faitempt worry on your LG G4 smartphone. If your LG G4 smartphone delivers an unexpected message- “Warning: Camera Failed” on the smartphone screen.

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If you are one of them who are encountering such concerns on their LG G4 gadget, then they can follow below-mentioned approaches and also actions to deal with camera failed concern on your smartphone. If your device’s electronic camera falls short all of a sudden, then you deserve to also follow below-discussed approaches or procedures to fix this problem. So, currently follow below discussed few actions to deal with camera failed issue of your LG G4 smartphone.

Guide to Fix LG G4 Camera Not Working

Here we have mentioned 3 different methods which you deserve to follow to deal with the electronic camera faientice issue on your LG G4 smartphone.

Rebegin Device

This is extremely basic and easy approach that you have the right to percreate on your LG G4 smartphone to resolve electronic camera faientice worry or blank display screen of your smartphone. If you are running your LG G4 for a long time, then you must provide remainder to your smartphone and restart your LG G4 mobile phone. Rebeginning the smartphone can settle all minor problems of your smartphone.

To restart your smartphone, only you need to push and also host the power switch. After that tap the “Power Off” option to turn off the tool. Now, wait for 5 to 10 minutes then aget press the power button to rebegin the smartphone. With this totality procedure, your LG G4 smartphone gets to rest from processing points for you. And after the restart, your smartphone perdevelops better than before.

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Clear Documents & Cache of “Camera” App

In this method, only you have to clear cache or data of the Camera app making use of the settings of your smartphone. If you are facing the electronic camera failed concern via your LG G4 smartphone then you have the right to resolve this worry using clearing the data and cache of the video camera app. This clears all temporarily saved information of the camera.

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With this method, you can quickly deal with your all kinds of video camera concern on your LG G4 tool or any type of other Android-based smartphone. So follow listed below pointed out few easy steps:

Tip 1: Open the Settings of your LG G4 smartphoneStep 2: In the settings, scroll down to “Apps” and also open itTip 3: Here, go to the “All” area and also scroll dvery own to “Camera” appTip 4: Now, tap on “Camera” to open it,Tip 5: From the “Camera” info, tap on “Clear Cache” and also “Clear data” choice to clear app information and also cache information of the Camera app

After that, restart your LG G4 smartphone. This will certainly clear all cache and application information of all apps that you have actually set up on your smartphone.

Wipe Cache partition

By wiping the cache partition of your LG G4 smartphone, you can deal with video camera failed issue on your LG G4 smartphone. This method could solve all cam connected and various other minor concerns of your smartphone. To clear cache partition of your LG G4 smartphone, you will certainly need to boot your LG G4 smartphone right into the Recovery mode.

After that, you will certainly have the ability to clear or wipe cache partition of your smartphone conveniently. Now follow listed below pointed out few steps to clear or wipe cache partition of your LG G4 smartphone.

Here are the few measures, which you can follow to wipe cache partition of LG G4 smartphone:

Tip 1: Turn off your smartphoneStep 2: Now press the “Power” button and also “Volume Down” switch until you see the LG Boot animationStep 3: Release the “Power” button for a second, and also push it againStep 4: Now you are in recoincredibly mode, here you have to select “Wipe Cache Partition” optionStep 5: Press the power switch to choose the option; this will wipe cache partition of your smartphone.

After that, you have to reboot your LG G4 smartphone.

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By following those steps, you will certainly watch your device’s camera start functioning aobtain. If you still watch your electronic camera is not working effectively on your device, also after complying with those measures. Share your comments listed below, to ask for aid from us.