Ultra high-interpretation TVs offer 4 times the resolution of Full HD televisions. UHD, additionally recognized as "4K", delivers superior clarity and also information for all video content, also on large screens, also as soon as regarded up cshed.The IPS panel supplies in-airplane switching to supply rich colors and solid contrast ratio that remain continuous at wide viewing angles.HDR PRO can screen HDR movies that have been specially mastered to expose more colors and even more detail for an extra cinematic photo.TruMotion 120Hz technology allows you see sports, video games and high-rate action through basically no movement blur. webOS 3.0 Smart TV2 - The latest generation of LG's exclusive, award-winning Smart TV platform is incredibly straightforward to use via Magic Remote, Magic Mobile Connection and also Magic Zoom.

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The LG UH6030 4K UHD Smart TV recreates the ultimate traditional in residence entertainment. With 4 times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, the 4K display allows you see eincredibly little bit of detail, without seeing the pixel dot. Eincredibly picture is presented vividly via wide viewing angle as a result of IPS panel, and also every framework is created plainly with TruMotion 120Hz innovation. Powered by HDR Pro, this TV delivers eexceptionally scene of the HDR content as the artists and also filmequipments intended, via affluent, splendid colors that explode right into fact. This design is likewise loaded via webOS 3.0, LG"s newest Smart TV platcreate, which puts a world of endmuch less entertainment and fun appropriate at your fingertips.

Available in 43”, 49”, 55”, 60” and 65” to suit your needs and also room room.


Ultra high-interpretation TVs market four times the resolution of Full HD televisions. UHD, likewise known as "4K", delivers impressive clarity and also detail for all video content, even on big screens, even when regarded up cshed. This implies you can fit a bigger screen in a smaller sized area without compromising the viewing experience.

IPS Panel

The IPS panel in this LG TV supplies in-plane switching to supply well-off colors and also strong contrast ratio that remains continuous at wide viewing angles. With IPS, any type of seat becomes the finest in the residence.


This LG TV supports high dynamic range content, so it can display HDR movies that have been specially mastered to disclose even more colors and also more information for an extra cinematic picture.

4K Upscaler

Multi-action data evaluation boosts the detail of all video content--HD or SD--to near-4K quality, transferring a viewing endure optimized for a crystal-clear Ultra HD TV.

TruMotion 120Hz

TruMotion 120Hz technology allows you check out sporting activities, video games and high-speed activity with essentially no activity blur. Now your TV deserve to save up with your fast- moving entertainment.

webOS 3.0 Smart TV

The latest generation of LG’s exclusive, award-winning Smart TV platcreate is incredibly easy to usage with Magic Remote, Magic Mobile Connection and also Magic Zoom.

* Please examine with content providers for required bandwidth to stream videos.

So Much More than TV

2016 LG TVs via webOS currently market Channel Plus, integrating 50+ complimentary streaming channels including Sports Illustrated, TIME, People and more*. Find Out premium brand-new entertainment, sports and also way of life programming appropriate currently.

* Channel Plus will certainly be obtainable beginning August by means of software program upday on 2016 LG Smart TVs with webOS 3.0.

Energy Star Qualified

Earning the ENERGY STAR means a product meets strict energy effectiveness guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and also the Department of Energy. ENERGY STAR certified televisions are on average, over 25 percent even more energy efficient than traditional models, saving energy in all usage modes: sleep, idle and on.

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ModelBrand Series Part#
UH6030 series
DetailsSmart TV
PanelDisplay Size Recommfinished Resolution Maximum Resolution Aspect Ratio Refresh Rate
3840 x 2160
TruMotion 120Hz
ConnectivityHDMI LAN USB Digital Audio Compowebsite A/V Component Video Other Connectors
3 In
1 Optical Out
1 In
1 In
1 x RF IN1 x RS232C (Mini Jack)
PowerEnergy Star Compliant Power Supply
100~240Vac 50-60Hz
300mm x 300mm
PICTURE QUALITY IPS PanelUHD Mastering EngineTru Black Panel4K Upscaler HDR Pro SMART TV webOS 3.0Magic Mobile ConnectionLG Content Store (App Store)Full Net Browser SMART SHARE Screen ShareContent Share AUDIO SpeakerSystem: 2.0 Channel Output Power: 20W Mono / Stereo / Dual (MTS/SAP)Dolby Digital Decoder DTS Decoder: M6 Surround Mode: Ultra Surround Clear Voice CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi Built InWifi DirectSimpconnect (HDMI CEC)
Dimensions & WeightDimensions With Stand (W x H x D) Dimensions Without Stand also (W x H x D) Weight With Stand Weight Without Stand also
43.60" x 27.80" x 8.60"
43.60" x 25.90" x 3.20"
26.50 lbs.
25.80 lbs.
Further InformationDate First Available
September 26, 2016

Pros: A 49" 4k pannel for $399?! Are you kidding me? This product represents an absurdly excellent deal. The devices is slim, sleek, and also light. Setup is a breeze through clear on-screen menus and also a setup wizard. The calibration choices are a small convoluted yet they are all tright here. Smart and solid power-conserving software program kills the TV once there is no signal. The backlight is plenty, plenty bbest and also the image very crisp. Mounting is a breeze through a large, level surconfront to resolve on the back of the set. Picture top quality is exceptionally good all at once. I love that you have the right to kill the standby light in the menu, thoughtful features like this make me exceptionally happy.

Cons: My one significant qualm via this collection is that the black level is mediocre. It was better on my 10-year-old fluorescent-lit collection, and it isn't even close to what my computer system IPS panels can pull off. It is but tolerable, and the very bbest backlight gives good comparison to make up for it, so for most TV and cinema applications is looks really nice. Gamings deserve to be a small muddy, though. The dynamic contrast settings are as well slow-moving to be of any kind of use, if you watch a letterboxed film through them on it's really noticeable just how much behind the picture the comparison settings lag. The color calibration settings are sort of convoluted, and as on most cheaper IPS panels don't respond entirely predictably, relocating in fits and also starts and also not really changing each setting discretely without changing something else. LG plainly tries to make this basic, which is a hinderance if you'd like to understand white point as a number in Kelvin versus "heat +2," for instance. AV ins and also outs are adequate however not exemplary, tright here are certainly a couple of ports missing, yet nothing you'd really need per se. For some inexplicable factor the power cable is on the best side of the set and also all the i/o ports on the left, which renders for awkward cable management.

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Overall Review: OK, so possibly I must admit to myself that because I do video color job-related professionally, I have to stop low-finish TV's. But it's such an excellent deal! Geeky gripes about the calibration and black point aside, my overall impression is positive. I am really glad I bought this. It is not the ne plus ultra of television, however it's also at a price allude I feel really excellent around. My wife has actually not a solitary gripe about it, and loves it wholeheartedly.Note that I cannot discuss the "smart TV" functionality, as I did not collection it up. I am excellent with my Roku dealing with that function and also don't require my TV on someone's botnet.