Lg back button not working

We understand also that butlots are essential to operate any type of phone, below are some trouble shooting steps to try and also gain those working aget.

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Note: Some Settings, Menus, or Icons may differ from that of your tool depending on your software application version and also wireless organization provider.

If you have actually a instance on the phone, rerelocate the situation and verify if the butlots work through out the situation.

Encertain your phone is on the latest software variation.

If your phone has a removable battery, rerelocate the battery as soon as the tool is powered on. If not, power the device off and also then powered the gadget on.

Test the physical butlots to verify that it is working/not working

If these above procedures fail, examine the Work A Rounds tab or you are welinvolved send your phone to our repair facility or you can inspect with your carrier for insurance options.

Note: If your phone is not in warranty, charges may apply.

While the device is powered on, rerelocate the battery from the tool (if applicable).

Power the gadget off and then power the tool on.

If the switch is still not functioning, please attempt a Factory Documents Reset (Settings

> General Tab >
Restart & Reset > Factory data Reset

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After the Factory File Recollection, inspect to view if the on-display screen button is functioning.

WARNING: Factory Data Recollection will certainly erase whatever on the device. If the customer agrees to the Factory Documents Recollection, refer to the User Guide of that device.

Note: if your phone is not in warranty, charges may use.

Note: Many of these work-related about only work on mobile phones.


If you phone obtained wet, you can attempt placing in a bowl of rice to drainpipe the moisture.

In the situation you are not able to acquire the butloads to respond however still must manage your device, try using the USB on the go. Using a USB kind B (or Type C) to USB 2.0 (or USB 3.0) converter, you deserve to plug a computer mouse to the phone and also manage the phone as if it was a computer.

On-Display buttons (Soft keys) do not work-related

If your soft keys do not occupational, turn on Switch accessibility (Settings

> General Tab >
Accessibility > Switch access > ON
). This attribute enables you to bind actions (such as back or home or overview) to your physical keys such as volume down and up

Physical secrets do not occupational

If your physical butlots don"t work, you deserve to try downloading and install a switch app by in search of switch replace in the play keep.

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If you simply had actually your display replaced, this may be the reason of it, ask who ever before repaired the phone to take a look at the ribbon cables for the butloads.