Lenovo yoga 2 tablet keyboard not working

Many have found that Gboard is not functioning on Lenovo tablet and also Android, so let’s look at how to solve the issue…

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“Just Google it!”

Can you think of an extra generally supplied phrase? As we all gather through our friends and family members this Christmas, whether it’s about the telly or kicking earlier via some festive tunes, we’re sure to hear it uttered numerous times. 

The handy tool has actually prevented us from wracking our brains for answers for eras currently – gotta love it!

We use it for so many kind of things constantly, so once there’s an issue through it, you don’t fifty percent notification. 

Representatives stand close to an illuminated logo of U.S.-based worldwide technology gigantic Google at a fair. According to the Turkish media, Google announced on December 15 that it has actually suspended its…

Users having actually trouble with Gboard

Recently, individuals have actually expressed their irritation with Gboard (Google keyboard) playing up. 

As you’d expect, plenty have actually taken to Twitter to reach out about it, via one freshly writing: “
googledevs – please resolve Gboard not functioning constantly after a recent upday to Android! Have had actually to revert to factory variation. If didn’t have actually access to a computer and ‘real’ keyboard to google for this *temporary* resolve, I’d be stuffed!”

Similarly, another tweeted: “Is your virtual key-board on your phone not working? It’s more than likely bereason it’s Google’s #gboard, which is failing on android phones. I had actually SwiftKey as an alternative, which is not my preference however at least it works.”

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googledevs – please settle Gboard not working constantly after recent upday to Android! Have had to revert to manufacturing facility variation. If didn’t have accessibility to computer and ‘real’ key-board to google for this *temporary* solve, I’d be stuffed! Alba Plus Phone if that details helps.

— Martin Howe (
MartinHowe426) December 18, 2019


How to solve Gboard: Not functioning on Lenovo tablet and Android

According to 9to5Google, tbelow is a way to settle it. 

If you’re able to unlock your phones, go right into settings and clear both storage and cache on Gboard. So, go to:

1. Settings

2. Apps

3. Gboard

4. Clear File and also Cache

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Is your online key-board on your phone not working? It’s probably bereason it’s Google’s #gboard, which is failing on android phones. I had SwiftKey as an different, which is not my preference yet at leastern it functions.

— Iain Warriors Fan (

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IainWarriorsFan) December 18, 2019


How to fix Gboard if you’re locked out of your phone

Unfortunately, some are actually locked out of their phones. 

If this is the instance, at the minute it looks prefer the finest way to resolve the problem is to either manually connect one more key-board or factory reset the tool. 

Of course, it’s not essential, but it is a way about it. 

The previously source (9to5Google) likewise says: “…one more alternative might be to install another key-board application remotely from the Play Store on a computer. After reboot, the tool may ask you to select key-boards.”

We’re certain Google is functioning on it as we stop, but if you or anyone you recognize is yet to upday your gadget, probably it’s finest to wait a while.

A few have also tweeted about reresolving the issue, through one writing: “Gboard not working. Go into settings, apps, Gboard, disable, it should have actually a attach to play keep. Uninstall, reinstall.solved. unmuch less you are locked out of ur device…” and also an additional saying: “Awoke to uncover my Gboard on my Motorola Android not working. Researched difficulty on my Chromebook. This has been prevalent lately. To fix: settings-application mgmt-Gboard-storage. Then clear cache. If that doesn’t work go ago & clear information.”