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I have a Lenovo ideapad 100-15IBO The machine had not been offered in some time as it had actually gotten incredibly slow.

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I bought a Samsung SSD and supplied their clone software program to upgrade the disk.

After the disk swap the device came up, yet, I provided that the tricks in the reduced left of thekey-board did not work-related. I had the ability to work through an exterior key-board.

I ordered and installed a brand-new key-board. Everything works, however, the windows vital which I use a lot.

I tried the registry deal with and I execute not have the entry they desire me to erase.

I tried the powershell script to no avail. 

Would anyone have actually an concept of what I might try following.

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Thank You


Which of the complying with retains the indevelopment it's storing when the device power is turned off?



I"d say you bought a defective brand-new key-board, or the ribbon cable connecting it is bad.

However, if you think it"s an OS problem, boot it up with a Linux live CD and see if that key functions. For the majority of Linux distros, the Windows vital opens their variation of the begin menu. If it does not work, it is a hardware problem. If it does, it"s software.



I would certainly discount and also reattach the keyboard ribbon cable to just make sure it is connected properly. If it works through an exterior key-board i would certainly say the replacement is faulty

Leastern advantageous of these suggestions, but I regularly use the on display screen keyboard to present key-presses. It helps me confirm as soon as secrets are functioning yet ignored, or once tricks have actually been remapped to various other attributes (frequently by mistake).

That shelp, I would try both suggestions above, especially the live CD of any linux distro as a test.

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Thank you all for everything so far. While I agree that I might have negative hardware, the supply chain for replacement keyboards is long and slow. China appears to be the only resource and at least a week shipping. Warranty, if easily accessible at all wouod he sreduced.

I am a tech and also it"s my personal lappeak. Which provides things harder and much easier. I can live without a windows crucial, although I use it a lot. I will certainly certainly attempt another (External keyboard) that will certainly not necessarily verify poor hardware as the keyless might just sfinish an incorrect code.

The on display screen keyboard will certainly be an excellent test. If it"s simply a code then I must figure out exactly how to remap.

Please share any kind of further concepts. Thank you Andy

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