Lenovo trackpoint not working



My Trackpoint quit functioning today. I don"t think it is a hardware concern because after the tool goes to sleep and also then starts up aget, the Trackallude starts functioning aacquire for around 30-60 secs before not functioning anymore. If I recollection to defaults, it likewise functioned for 30-60 secs but then quit.

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-It is enabled in the BIOS settings

-I checked to view if the Windows gadget manager had updays to the motorists however it sassist they were up to day.

-I uninstalled the computer mouse driver and also rebooted. It temporarily worked aget however then froze up after a little bit

Any ideas?

Try to rearea key-board and also disabling and re-allowing of the trackpad and also tracksuggest. Things must work fine

How execute you imply replacing the keyboard? Can you elaborate?

I tried to enable/disable trackpad/trackallude in BIOS, it"s not working.

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Tried to rerelocate Synaptic driver for the computer mouse, then trackpad is able to work-related until Windows reinstall Synaptic drive aobtain. I suppose this is software application problem (Driver / Windows ?).

My trackpoint has been not working for more than 6 months; Even the choice in mouse setting can"t be selected.

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Btw, the trackpad and also tracksuggest additionally not functioning in Ubuntu 18.04.

Is tbelow any kind of other means to enable tracksuggest and trackpad?

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