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In reply to Gil deG's short article on January 28, 2018

jiyuushikan.org Windows 10 team is being a full pain!Steps to fix:1) Full wipe and reinstevery one of Win10 1709.2) Automatically trying to install 2017-12 Cummulative update only left the Windows Update area of Settings in an error state and also eliminated the touchdisplay screen. a) Now had actually to plug in a usb computer mouse to obtain the rest going. b) observed this somewhere else as a possible deal with, ran with it:===1) Run regedit as administrator2) Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnum3) Search for EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled4) Change the EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled DWORD worth from 1 to 0 (make a .reg export asa backup prior to if you want)5) Search aobtain and repeat, until you discover a vital outside the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnum key6) Reboot===3) Attempting to run Troubleshooter to fix this didn"t do anything to solve the Upday problem.4) Had to manually reboot (msconfig) after picking Selective Boot via all services and also boot apps unchecked (disabled). Then, manually dumped the whole contents of the windowssoftwaredistribution folder.5) Rebooted.6) Manually, downloaded and mounted the 2018-02 Cumm. Update (not the 2017-12) on the 1709 install.7) Finally! After six+ hours of wiping, looking for jiyuushikan.org, and also reinstalling win10 1709 + 2018-02 Cumm., the Miix 2 8 seems to be functioning best now - video camera, wifi, touchscreen, and so on.

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Sadly, the windows SYNC does not re-install every one of the apps, settings, wallfiles, lock screen photo, and so on, and so on. of my original install, so even more time to spend installing Office, apps, and so on once again.... And Win10 stepped backwards via lots of points favor NO SLIDER for Brightness?!? Super annoyingly slow and inprecise to tap through the 4 brightness actions, or open up the settings to slide under display settings. Or also dumber things favor setting up a PIN, then rebooting, yet can"t log in using the PIN I just setup simply bereason I"m not associated to wifi. The stupid have to log into an e-mail even though I"ve offered my authentic login and password to verify the account as a login is even dumber. etc.---Sad point is that Win7, also Win8.1, is so much more steady than Win10 has ever before been.Win10 has commonly killed other friend"s PCs as well, getting right into weird unsteady says that sindicate can"t be conveniently recovered from without a full wipe and also reinstall. This was never before the case for Win7, which generally could be cleaned up and also solved through a little of work-related.Definitely caution for anyone trying to install the major updays - these business pack-prefer updates can easily kill a steady device.