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My 2 month old T480s is really annoying to use as the lock display locks the lapoptimal after less than one minutes of not using the key-board or mouse. The notebook has actually Windows 10 Pro and I cannot for example watch a video clip longer than 1 minutes as the lapoptimal lock screen is set off and also I need to enter the user PIN or usage the facial recognition function to login earlier and unlock the lapoptimal.

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I have actually tried all the tricks I uncovered digital including editing the (GPedit) group policy governmental design template personalization, disabling the display lock display screen utilizing Regmodify to change the regisattempt settings, and transforming windows 10 Power & Sleep settings.


Are tright here any kind of BIOS settings that have the right to proccasion the lock screen from activating in such a brief time or to entirely disable it?


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You remind me of IR video camera. Can you discover a application called "Glance"? Tright here are some related settings tright here.

Did you examine the "Screen Saver Settings"? Notice the item "On resume, display screen logon screen", uninspect it. 



Thank you for the reply. I checked the screen saver settings and also it shows wait time of 60 minutes and the On Resume Display the Lock Screen is unchecked.

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When I have had home windows settings get screwed up, I initially go into progressed power settings from the regulate panel and click on "reclaim plan defaults" to begin over, however if you have actually currently readjusted things in the regisattempt, I"m not certain what will certainly take place to those settings.
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Thanks for the reply. I was able to regain the default power plan although my arrangement was set to never revolve off the screen. Now the setting to rotate off the display is 10 minutes for plugged in and also 5 minutes on battery. The result is the very same, nothing really adjusted. The display switches off in less than 1 minutes once not utilizing the key-board or computer mouse and as soon as I touch the key-board, the lock display is presented.


My T480s has actually the UHD high resolution display via IR camera and also Windows Hello, can it be the reason why this is happening?




You remind me of IR video camera. Can you uncover a application named "Glance"? There are some related settings tbelow.

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Thank yur exceptionally much for saying Glance as the primary cause for the display screen lock. I disabled it from the Task Manager and the difficulty is currently gone. I do not recognize exactly how to setup Glance as I do not watch any type of choices for setup, but for now I do not really need it and also my problem is addressed. Thanks aacquire for the help.

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