Lenovo hard drive replacement

“My Lenovo Yoga lapheight has been offered for 3 years and also it runs progressively now. It is on Windows 10 mechanism. I desire to upgrade the difficult drive with a larger SSD. Is tright here any type of way to upgrade Lenovo difficult drive to SSD without reinstalling Windows?”

Yes, after you have used the lapoptimal for years, you will uncover that its performance cannot fulfill you. For some users, they will defragment the difficult drive in Windows 10 or uninstall the software application to make it work-related much faster. However, it does not help a lot. The a lot of reliable method is to upgrade the laptop difficult drive – no issue it is HDD or SSD, to a larger SSD that fits your lappeak. Here we will tell you how to upgrade difficult drive to SSD in Lenovo laptop.


How to Upgrade Hard Drive to SSD in Lenovo Lapheight

Make SSD in prepared

If you are going to upgrade your Lenovo lappeak with the SSD, the a lot of necessary thing is to find a bigger capacity SSD that satisfies your drive create factor and also interface: M.2 SSD or SATA SSD. Then you require to:

1.Connect the SSD via Lenovo lappeak via the aid of USB-to-SATA adapter. 2.Initialize the SSD and also alfind brand-new quantities to the SSD. You have to encertain that the new SSD has actually the larger capacity than old hard drive.

Clone Lenovo difficult drive to SSD without Reinstalling Windows

After you end up the preparation work-related, you can clone the tough disk system and information to the SSD through CloneGo. Just as its name means, CloneGo enables you to clone everything from hard drive to SSD without losing the data on Lenovo.

Step-1: Install Windows disk cloning software program CloneGo.


Step-2: Hit the Disk Clone choice in the left menu. Then you can pick the resource disk and also partition disk.

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There is no doubt that your resource drive is Lenovo original disk and also the destination disk is the SSD.


Step-3: Start the clone process. Click the Start button on the right-bottom and also click Yes to begin the disk cloning.


After you end up the clone procedure of the entirety disk, you can shut down the computer and rearea the old tough drive with the SSD.

Replace Lenovo tough drive through the brand-new SSD

How have the right to we make the brand-new SSD work for the laptop? Here you deserve to move the old difficult drive and install the SSD via the cloned device on your Lenovo lapheight to rate up the performance.

1.Disconnect the SSD with Lenovo lappeak and also shut dvery own the lapheight. 2.Remove the backup panel. 3.Unscrew the difficult drive and take it out. 4.Put the SSD into the location wright here old tough drive is took out. And you should screw it safely. 5.Cover the earlier panel ago. 6.Turn on the lappeak and you will certainly see it boot typically and also all programs and also establishing are the exact same.


If your Lenovo lapheight has two slots for the hard drives, you have the right to directly install the brand-new SSD into the slot. Then, rebegin the computer system and also press F2/F10 all the time to enter boot menu; set the lapoptimal to boot from the brand-new lappeak. As the SSD has actually the cloned Windows device, you can perform whatever freely currently.

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