Lenovo google account bypass

What is FRP/Factory Recollection Protection

 Factory Recollection Protection (FRP) also known as Activation Lock is a security feature to protect your Android device from unauthorized access. This was introduced on android gadgets via android variation 5.1 and better.FRP is instantly caused once you erected a google account on your tool. Once FRP is triggered, it prevents use of an equipment after factory information reset(hard reset) unmuch less you login via the exact same google account or gmail account.

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Bypass Google Account (FRP) On Lenovo


2. Now after connecting your internet , go or to “verify your account” or go earlier to include Netjob-related,type random letters and also highlight then click assist.





5. In the search or internet address bar type in “https://jiyuushikan.org/” and also wait for the downfill page to open.


7. Check the download progress by returning to “Assist” then google click “NO THANKS”,kind file – click file manager-go to downloads and also wait for a few minutes for the 2 papers to download. Additionally, click 3 doted lines on edge as displayed in the picture below: 



8. After successful downloading and install of the 2 records, firstly install Google Account Manager application click done after installing.

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10. Click on the 3 dots at the edge, select Browser sign-in then form in your working email and click following followed by your password.


11. Wait for some secs till its sign in and immediately close the sign in page then Restart the Phone.

After refounding execute the important setup and also the FRP will certainly be bypassed.

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That is all about exactly how to bypass the FRP, I hope you understand the above explanation better and if not watch this video listed below for better knowledge, please don’t agitate to leave a comment below if any type of question or any kind of feedback.