Lenovo clean install windows 10

To be able to execute a clean install of Windows 10 you must produce a USB drive with Windows installation. You can carry out that using either the Microsoft Media Creation tool or a 3rd party application dubbed Rufus and Windows 10 iso file. I have actually spanned the previous approach in a previous blog.

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Once you have actually your bootable media prepared, you have the right to begin adhering to these procedures for a clean install of Windows 10:

(Please ignore the picture top quality. I offered an easy smartphone to take snapshots)

1. Load the BIOS/UEFI to pick the boot media.

This step is extremely lappeak model particular. A lot of the devices need you to press one of the feature tricks and/or ESC and/or DEL tricks throughout the boot. I have a Lenovo Yoga 710. This device requires me to push a tiny switch (usually with a safety and security pin or a comparable object) on the left side for the device to pack up the UEFI.


2. Once the Boot Manager loads up. Select the USB gadget which has the Windows installer.



3. Windows installer will launch and also starts asking you for Regional choices. Enter your preferences and click “Next” to proceed.



4. Select Install Now. You’ll watch a display via the message “Starting Setup” for few moments.

5. Read (your speak to :-P) and also accept the terms and then click Next off.

6. Select Custom Install to install a clean copy of Windows 10.

7. Select the partition wright here you desire to install Windows 10.

I will certainly go ahead and also delete my old partition and also then develop 2 brand-new partitions out of that memory.

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Once the partitions have actually been developed you can format them. Now pick the one where you want the Windows to get set up and click Next.

This will carry up a display screen saying “Installing Windows”. Once the installer documents have actually been loaded on the device the tool will rebegin and start the installation.

8. Recent Windows installers come through Cortana support. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you hear Cortana talking to you. It will certainly attempt to overview you through specific settings that you deserve to select using voice commands.

Create your login name and also password.

Security concerns.

Some even more setting options.

And then this…

It will take a couple of minutes and you are all collection.

Depfinishing on your device model, you might or might not need to install additional motorists on your very own. For my Lenovo Yoga 710, unfortunately, I’ll have to. With a clean install I can’t even attach to the internet. I’ll have to downfill the required drivers on a different system, copy them on my device and then install them. The chauffeurs are generally easily accessible on the company websites.

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Congratulations, you have actually a fresh clean installation of Windows 10 ready on your system!

Please article any kind of questions/suggestions/involves if you have any kind of.

Kapil Varshney

Data Scientist (Computer Vision)
Esri R&D New Delhi. Here to share what I learn and execute. Connect through me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kapilvarshney14/


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Data Scientist (Computer Vision)
Esri R&D New Delhi. Here to share what I learn and execute. Connect via me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kapilvarshney14/

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