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Mithril ItemsMithril TrowelPrice: 2 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Bree"s BlacksmithFrom the Prancing Pony"s entrance, head to the top best area to find the Blacksmith"s Shop. Get the Blacksmith Deauthorize inside the center of the home. Bring it to the shelf located in the upper left edge of the home. Press Circle on the shelf and also choose the Mithril Trowel. Ride the bellows and also jump up and also down over it. Press Circle to bring up the food selection and pick the Treasure Trove. Equip the Mithril Trowel and also go external. Bring the Mithril Trowel to the guy external the Prancing Pony.Use: Similar to Sam"s spade, Fetchquest ObjectMithril Fishing RodPrice: 3 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Track Hobbits story levelWoods after initially debris, pull the oselection manage, hit the chest.Use: Similar to Merry"s Fishing Rod, Fetchsearch ObjectMithril Whistle SwordPrice: 4 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Bree - Free RoamThe Prancing Pony, eastern area. Smash Morgul lock at the door.Use: Combat Item, Fetchquest Object, renders whistling soundsMithril Music BootsPrice: 3 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Weatherheight story levelPhial needed. 2nd location, enter the dark tunnel.Use: Feet Equipment, Fetchpursuit Object, walking will certainly make musicMithril Climbing BootsPrice: 8 Mithril BricksDesign Location: Mount Doom story levelFree Play essential. Cshed to the area above, shoot an arrowhead and also jump up.Use: Feet Equipment, activates walking up walls, Fetchsearch ObjectsMithril Carrot BowPrice: 3 Mithril BricksDesign Location: Taming Gollum story levelFree Play needed. Before getting to the top of the tower, shoot the holes, jump over, usage Frocarry out to enter the cave.Use: Combat Item, Fetchquest ObjectMithril Music HornPrice: 3 Mithril BricksDesign Location: The Black Rider story levelrope required. 2nd river crossing, smash down the bridge parts and go to the back. Use rope on the rock to the left.Use: Combat Item, plays music making Characters danceMithril RopePrice: 3 Mithril BricksDesign Location: Amon Hen story levelNear Lurtz on his location. Use a hoblittle bit to gain tright here.Use: Comparable to Sam"s Rope, Fetchsearch ObjectMithril Top HatPrice: 3 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Battle of Pelennor Fields story levelexplosives required. Bomb the mithril block on the best of the conserve suggest.Use: Hat, Fetchquest ObjectMithril Stud MalletPrice: 8 Mithril BricksDesign Location: The Dead Marshes story levelFree Play required. Area indicated over. Fish out a crucial in the fishing financial institution, usage it on the yellow lock on the left.Use: Combat Item, Fetchpursuit Object, produces studs when hitMithril ShieldPrice: 3 Mithril BricksDesign Location: The Paths of the Dead story levelLast cavern area. Use an elf to reach the small path situated very high on the left, then jump out to the right.Use: Shield, Fetchsearch ObjectMithril TinderboxPrice: 8 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: The Black Gate story levelFree Play needed. First side area, usage a rope to lug dvery own the rocks, then go behind the actual rocks on the left.Use: Comparable to Sam"s Tinderbox, Fetchsearch ObjectMithril HeaddressPrice: 3 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: The Mines of Moria story levelWhen orcs are attacking, in a covert alcove on the best.Use: Hat, Fetchpursuit ObjectMithril GlovesPrice: 4 Mithril BricksDesign Location: Warg Attack story levelexplosives needed. Bomb the mithril rocks at the foreground on the right side. Dig up, go down and also shoot 3 targets. Then shimmy to the item.Use: Fetchpursuit Object, activates grabbing polesMithril Shockwave AxePrice: 4 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Prologue story levelGimli needed. In the location pointed out over, go behind the cabinet via the treasure and also hit the wall to disclose the design.Use: Combat Item, exact same use as Gimli"s axe, Fetchpursuit ObjectMithril Ice BowPrice: 8 Mithril BricksDesign Location: Cirith Ungol story levelAlong the method in the courtyard, while pushing a pillar to align at the windows over, it is located in the forst window.Use: Combat Item, Fetchpursuit Object, freezes CharactersMithril Fire BowPrice: 8 Mithril BricksDesign Location: Helm"s Deep story levelexplosives needed. After the walls are damaged, climb as much as the left upper locations in the story and bomb the mithril blocks.Use: Combat Item, Fetchsearch ObjectMithril Boxing GlovesPrice: 4 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Osgiliath story levelAfter liberating Gollum. Go down the stairs to the right and also enter the dark cave using the phial.Use: Combat Item, Fetchpursuit Object, gives the wearer toughness to open up oarray handlesMithril Squeak SwordPrice: 4 Mithril BricksDesign Location: The Secret Stairs story levelIn the tunnel, go to the left at the first fork and smash the rocks.Use: Combat Item, Fetchpursuit Object, makes squeaky noiseMithril Cluster BowPrice: 4 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: The Pass of Caradhras story levelAfter the falling debris, build up the plank. Jump throughout the chasm, go downwards on a ledge.Use: Combat Item, Fetchquest ObjectMithril Skeleton BowPrice: 16 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Lothlórien - Free RoamLorien ground floor. Pull orange manage near map stone.Use: Combat Item, transdevelops Characters right into skeletonsMithril Bottomless BucketPrice: 16 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Edoras - Free RoamSouthern residence at Edoras. Bomb the mithril rocks.Use: Has boundless water insideMithril Spring BootsPrice: 16 Mithril BricksDesign Location: Rivendell - Free RoamRivendell Gate, behind rock columns. Head to the peak using a Wizard, relocate the rocks in the northwest, go down behind the columns.Use: Feet Equipment, activates high jumpMithril HairbrushPrice: 16 Mithril BricksDesign Location: Bree - Free RoamHousage at southern Bree. Smash Morgul lock.Use: Combat ItemMithril Ice SwordPrice: 16 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Isengard - Free Roam, Track Hobbits level finished.Northeastern Isengard. Go to the ledge over, uncover package.Use: Combat Item, freezes CharactersMithril Skeleton SwordPrice: 16 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Weatheroptimal - Free RoamUse: Combat Item, transcreates Characters right into skeletonsMithril PaintbrushPrice: 16 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Hobbiton - Free RoamUnderneath Weatherheight. Should have actually gotten in the Prancing Pony before. Smash the rocks at the eastern wall.Use: Combat ItemMithril Disco PhialPrice: 16 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Minas Tirith - Free RoamAtop Minas Tirith. Track Hobbits story level completed. Shoot 7 targets making use of a bow.Use: Comparable to Frodo"s Phial, provides musicMithril FireworksPrice: 16 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: The Babsence Gate - Free RoamBarad-dúr. Throughout Free Play. head to the front gate of Bara-dúr, from the eastern side, then jump up the railings using legolas.Use: ExplosivesMithril Camouflage TomePrice: 16 Mithril BricksDeauthorize Location: Amon Hen - Free RoamEastern Riverbank.

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Free Play - At Night. Go up the planks, beat the orcs.Use: Comparable to Frodo"s Elven Cloak