Dwarf"s Bounty: Smack the drone in the Shire to collect this. You deserve to purchase it for 1,000,000 studs.

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Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1: Complete a race underwater to collect this.

Gold Brick 2: Complete a race that starts underwater however ends above ground.

Gold Brick 3: Charge 3 generators to reveal this Gold Brick underneath a waterloss.

Gold Brick 4: After restoring the Council Chamber, finish the race that starts by it to collect this.

Gold Brick 5: In among the structures in Rivendell, use the Scale keystone to solve the puzzle, revealing this.

Gold Brick 6: Complete a race that starts in the air in Mordor.

Gold Brick 7: in a earlier course by Mordor, climb the vines, then cut with the foliage to reach this.

Gold Brick 8: In a ago route by Mordor, climb the vines, then drill via two tiles to discover an equipment. Repair the lever, then pull it to reveal this.

Gold Brick 9: On the top level of Minas Tirith, usage the transition keystone to produce portals. Travel through the blue portal and also pull the lever, revealing this. Travel with the yellow portal to reach it.

Gold Brick 10: On the top level of Minas Tirith, shave the right to to reveal a button. Step on it to open the gate, then head inside. Smash the objects on the ideal to reveal a panel. Use it to reduced the spears in front of the consingle. Hack it to disclose this.

Gold Brick 11: Destroy a rock underwater to reveal a travel chute, then crawl with. Destroy the glowing object to expose LEGO pieces. Build them right into a batarang taracquire, then hit it to reduced the obstacle approximately the take a trip chute. Crawl through, then hit the batarang tarobtain to reveal this.

Gold Brick 12: Inside the Mines of Moria, area the Companion Cube on the panel to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a lever before, then usage the portal gun on the panels to develop portals. Pull the lever before to raise a panel, then travel with the portal and also press the switch, revealing this.

Gold Brick 13: Complete a race that begins in the Mines of Moria.

Gold Brick 14: Hit the batarang tarobtain exterior of a house in Hobbiton to open it, then shatter the glass to disclose LEGO pieces. Build them into a locate keystone, then usage it to find a rift, revealing a chest. Destroy it to expose this.

Gold Brick 15: Sdeserve to in front of a home in Hobbiton, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them right into a grapple allude, then usage it to open up the door. Head inside and also smack the chest to expose this.

Gold Brick 16: Underwater, reduced via a gold panel to reveal this.

Gold Brick 17: Destroy the silver obstacle on the side of an Argonath statue, then enter and destroy the silver lock on the chest, revealing this.

Gold Brick 18: Head underwater and also dig up a clue. Swim about until you uncover an underwater Argonath statue, then head inside to find the next clue. Head to land also to the pink trees by Rivendell, then track the scent to expose another clue. Head right into the alcove underneath Argonath, then use stealth to sneak previous the cameras. Hit the clue and also it will tell you to head to a pond. Head to the pond in Hobbiton, then scan to disclose a dig website. Dig this up.

Gold Brick 19: Complete a race that starts on the surface of the water.

Gold Brick 20: Step on a button underwater to lower the barrier around a CHI fountain. Use it to gather CHI, then place it in the fountain by the Argonath ruins to open the gate in the head of a statue. Destroy the cracked wall to disclose this.

Gold Brick 21: Capture the ghosts in Mordor, then place the gorganize trap in the nearby containment unit, lowering the bars. Head inside and also cave and smack the chest to expose this.

Gold Brick 22: After completing the Minikit Model in Riddle-earth, head over to the version to begin an escort mission. Guard the Balrog as it walks about and destroys rocks. Once it destroys all five rocks, you will obtain this.


Council Chamber: Talk to an elf in Rivendell and also spfinish 55,000 studs to rebuild the chamber.

The Forge: Talk to an Orc in Mordor and also he will ask you to reclaim the create. Spfinish 45,000 studs to restore it.

Barad-dur: Talk to an Orc outside the Babsence Gate, then spfinish 100,000 studs to gain back this.

Argonath Statue: Talk to a man and also spend 60,000 studs to gain back this.

Courtyard: Talk to a woguy on the upper level of Minas Tirith, then spfinish 50,000 studs to reclaim this.

Water Mill: Talk to a woman in Hobbiton and spend 40,000 studs to repair this.

Jukebox: Talk to a woguy in Hobbiton and spend 25,000 studs to reclaim this.

Crop Field: Talk to a male in a area, then spend 35,000 studs to repair this.


Cast it right into the fire!: Talk to Gollum and also he will certainly ask you to defend him. Follow him and defeat the orcs till you reach the Babsence Gate. Use stealth to pull the lever, opening the gate. Continue protecting him until you reach Mt. Doom, completing this pursuit.

Saruman on a Mission: After restoring Barad-dur, talk to Saruman and also follow him about, beating the enemies. Defeat all adversaries to obtain this.

Umbar-water Treasure: Talk to the Orc Commander, who will certainly ask you to uncover underwater treacertain. There are 5 chests underwater (all are noted on the map) that you need to ruin to expose jewels. Once you have all 5, return to the Orc Commander to get this.

Watcher in the Water: Talk to Boromir and he will certainly ask you to find the Watcher. Swim down to the noted spot, then smack its components to defeat it. Talk to Boromir aacquire to obtain the Gold Brick.

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Weeding out the Bad Seeds: Talk to Sam in Hobbiton and also he will certainly ask you to round up 3 hobbits. Their locations are noted on the map. Round up all 3 and also carry them ago to Sam to receive the Gold Brick.