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By Max Nicholson
Note: Full spoilers for the episode to follow.

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So last we checked, pretty much everything in Republic City had gone to hell: Korra was kidnapped by Tarrlok, the rest of Team Avatar was imprisoned, and also Lin was even more or much less still out of commission. Things couldn't obtain much worse, right? Wrong, supposedly. Not only had actually Korra been taken ameans, however now she was being tossed into a three-by-three titanium cell where no one could discover her. Bad news for Korra... good news for us; at lengthy last, via Korra's meditation, we were provided some answers on the trial of Yakone from 42 years back.This was really the initially time we got to view adult versions of Aang, Toph and also Sokka for even more than a few flashes, and it was absolutely worth the wait. First of all, I loved the fact that after all these years Toph still describes Aang as "Twinkle Toes." It also seemed fitting that Sokka was one of the Republic City Council members. (I specifically appreciated the nod to his trusty boomerang!) Overall, it was good to view these personalities aacquire, now older and wiser, yet still giving glimpses of their previous selves. But more importantly, we acquired to view Aang as a fully realized Avatar -- one that could energybend at will certainly, without a moment's hesitation. The way he encountered Yakone was a prime screen of master Avatar efficiency. It will be amazing to check out exactly how Korra directly interacts via Aang later on, however this was a wonderful founding suggest and also an excellent method to disclose more of Aang's background without Korra completely transitioning right into the Avatar State.


On the other hand, the rest of Team Avatar sprung earlier into action alongside Lin and Tenzin. Their rescue mission was absolutely among the highlights in this episode. Watching them all work together to conserve Korra was exhilarating, particularly any kind of minute wbelow Lin was doing somepoint incomprehensibly badass. The authors likewise played up Asami's jealousy of Korra aget this week, and also it didn't show up to be entirely unfounded either. Mako's heated interrogation through the guard as well as his masculine take on at the very end seemed to show that he might still have feelings for Korra after all.Of course, the sjiyuushikan.orgificant disclose this week was that Tarrlok was actually Yakone's child. Although, after Amon's confrontation, it now seems choose Tarrlok was sort of a method to an finish. At this suggest, there's no denying that Amon is not simply your average non-bender. The means he withstood Tarrlok's bloodbending leads me to believe that Amon is something even more than just a studious pupil of energybending. In fact, it's still possible that Amon is a bender himself, just one we haven't viewed prior to. And if that's the instance, then his entire front is entirely hypocrucial. Naturally, this idea has been tossed roughly before, yet it's worth pointing out aobtain. I suppose we'll simply need to wait and view how it all plays out.
With this brand-new potential threat of unencumbered bloodbfinishing, we've as soon as again seen the destruction that bfinishing have the right to cause -- and also this must only even more fuel Amon's fire. Now even more than ever before, his mission statement sounds dangerously credible, and also that renders it all the more tough to fully oppose him. Amon's method to equalizing is obviously in the wrong, but his message still raises some excellent points. Once the public gets wind that a Republic City councilguy let his bloodlust (no pun intended) acquire in the method of doing what's appropriate, we're in for some serious trouble. But at least Korra is safely ago under Tenzin's security... for now.Basically, this episode had everything: activity, humor, intrigue and a healthy dose of rich backstory. While tright here wasn't a ton of bending this week, they even more than consisted of for it by presenting some of the the majority of compelling narrative we've seen hence far. I think the episode was additionally elevated many thanks to its solid lead-in from last week, and also after re-watching "When Extremes Meet" I think we've viewed one of the ideal arcs The Legfinish of Korra has to market. That sassist, both episodes have offered us a lot to digest. As we begin winding down to the end of Seachild 1, I think it will certainly be these 2 installments that we'll desire to store in the ago of our minds relocating forward.

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