Led indicator galaxy s7

Some Galaxy smartphones have alert LEDs which bconnect various colours to let you understand about advises on your phone. For new gadgets without an alert LED, use Edge Lighting to let you understand that an alert has arrived.

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LED notifications are obtainable on the complying with devices: 

Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4 Active, S4 Zoom, S4, S II Plus, S IIIGalaxy Note9, Note8, Note7, Note5, Keep in mind Edge, Note4, Note3 Neo, Note3, Keep in mind IIGalaxy Alpha 

New Galaxy devices, such as the Note10 and also S20 perform not have a notification LED light. Instead, you can pick to erected and also customise Edge Lighting to let you know that an alert has actually arrived.

The LED indicator is situated at the height left of the front of your tool. It deserve to display screen assorted colours such as blue, red and green. These colours are for typical notifications and also functions of your tool.Blue

Pulsing: the tool is turning on or off.Blinking: connected to a charger yet not charging, or once low on battery.


Glowing: connected to a charger and charging.Blinking: tright here is an unreview notification (missed contact, message etc) or throughout voice recording.


Glowing: linked to a charger and also totally charged.Blinking: completely charged.

Other colours

If your device is blinking a colour that you don’t recognise (such as white, purple or pink), it is likely to be an alert from one of your apps. To readjust the colour, open up the application, then go to the app"s settings food selection to find out which choices are easily accessible.

Turning LED notifications on or off Click to Expand

You deserve to turn LED notifications on or off in the “Settings” food selection. Depfinishing on your gadget and operating mechanism, you will certainly should follow one of the following paths: 

Setups > Notifications > Do not disturb > Hide notifications > No LED indicator ORSettings > Display > LED indicatorSetups > Sound and also notifications > LED indicator

For example:

1Swipe up on the house screen to access apps.
2Tap “Settings”.

3Tap “Display”.

4Tap the switch to revolve the “LED indicator” on or off.

Customise Edge Lighting Click to Expand also

Edge Lighting lights up the edge display screen as soon as you get calls or notifications. You can colour code as much as 5 contacts that will certainly show up in their respective colours when they acquire in touch, while all other calls or notifications will be displayed in neutral bappropriate light.

To customise Edge Lighting:

1Go to "Settings", then tap "Display".

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2Tap "Edge Screen".

3Tap the switch to activate "Edge Lighting".
4Tap "Edge Lighting", then tap "Sjust how Edge lighting".

Choose your wanted establishing. You have the right to pick from "While display screen is on", "While screen is off" or "Always".

5From the Edge lighting food selection, tap "Edge lighting style".

Use the toolbar at the bottom to customise the Effect, Colour, Transparency, Width and also Duration of the Edge Lighting. Once you have actually schosen your desired options, tap "Done".

6From the Edge lighting menu, tap "Edge lighting interaction". Then, tap the switch to activate or deactivate.

Edge lighting interactivity allows you tap or swipe the Edge lighting pop-up to open up an application or dismiss the notification.

7From the Edge lighting menu, tap "Manage notifications" to pick which apps you would certainly choose to make the Edge display light up as soon as you obtain notifications from them.

Tap the switch to activate or deactivate Edge lighting notifications for each app or tap the switch at the to activate Edge lighting notifications for all compatible apps.

Please note: Some apps may not be compatible with Edge lighting.

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