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The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge both have a notification LED light at the optimal of the tool that flashes for incoming alerts, notifications, missed calls and more. This overview defines how to turn off or disable the Galaxy S6 alert light.

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Now that Samsung’s latest smartphone is in the hands of millions of owners, we’re constantly gaining emails and concerns about specific jobs. One of them being just how to disable the notification LED. While the function is convenient, often-times it blinks all night and also have the right to be a nuisance, and also we’ve also heard reports of it constantly blinking even as soon as there’s no notifications current.

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Previous Samsung devices enabled users to pick what apps used the notice light, and what didn’t, to streamline and also minimize it’s consumption, yet that’s no longer the situation. And while some apps favor LightFlow deserve to entirely customize it, listed below are instructions to ssuggest disable it.

The Galaxy S6 notification light glows when the gadget is charging, and switches from red as soon as low to oselection, then green as soon as full. Then it constantly bweb links as soon as you have actually unread messeras, emails, missed calls and also various other notifications, which is nice.

While I love the notice LED as I don’t need to rotate on or examine my phone to see if I have missed calls or messeras, others don’t want it blinking all day and night. As a result, here’s the actions to turn it off entirely.


If you’re having actually problems wright here the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge notification light bweb links all the moment, or sindicate want to disable it so it won’t bother you, here’s the few steps. It can be done in less than one minute.

Users will certainly start by heading right into settings by tapping the gear-shaped settings switch in the notice pulldown bar, or finding the settings application in the app tray. Once you’re in establishing head to “Device” then “Sounds & notifications” and also scroll to the very bottom.

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At the bottom of Setups > Device > Sounds & notifications you’ll discover the last choice detailed is “LED indicator”. Simply tap or swipe the switch to revolve this off. That’s it, you’re all done and you’ve currently totally turned off the notice LED light on the Galaxy S6.

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It will certainly no much longer flash as soon as you have missed notifications or warns, it won’t be on while recording, and you’ll never before view the alert light while charging either. Personally I wish I could disable it for notifications, but leave the charging status as that’s a handy function, but sadly that’s not an alternative.

So head right into settings and switch LED indicator to off and also you’re all done. It’s that simple. If you decide you desire the notice LED back or desire to try and also customize it through the app over, just re-permit it in the same food selection by turning it earlier on.

This is simply one tiny trick or feature of many on Samsung’s exceptional Galaxy S6. For those who just bought the phone, inspect out our comprehensive 65 Galaxy S6 Tips & Tricks for even more details.

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