Facial hair makes a guy look pretty handsome, doesn’t it? But it looks excellent only on men. If a womale has facial hair, then it have the right to be pretty off putting. There are many kind of women who experience from unwanted hair growth which can happen on their chin and also breasts as well. It may have actually been carried about social acceptance of a person’s appearance, yet the fact is that women desperately look for for an efficient means to rerelocate facial hair without regular recurrence. The solution is right here – tea tree oil .

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Before going right into the details of the way tea tree oil works, let’s evaluate the other popular hair removal techniques.


This deserve to be done at a beauty salon or also at home. It is simple and also inexpensive as compared to others. Hair is pulled with its roots so recurrence doesn’t happen too shortly. But it reasons allergies in a lot of women and also reasons redness of the skin, and also acne or infection of the hair follicles. The skin is likewise at a threat of becoming saggy due to waxing.

Shaving through Razor

This is an additional inexpensive and also basic strategy to rerelocate facial hair. It is pretty widespread among men. Tright here is absolutely no special skill forced for using a razor. You just should prevent getting reduced. However, modern-day razors have actually sufficient protective mechanisms in place which execute not reason cuts easily. On the downside, it deserve to reason injuries and in-growth of hair or pseuexecute folliculitis (causing skin infections). Additionally, you would have to shave when a week to maintain a clean confront.

Using Epilators

This is an inexpensive hair removal method which is easy to do and inflicts the least amount of skin damage. However before, it clears only 88% of the hair. Plus, the entire hair is not rerelocated from the root so the chances of regular recurrence are high.


This is among the cheapest hair removal approaches, yet if done by incompetent human being, it deserve to be a painful suffer. Just like the previous approach, hair is not totally removed by the root by thanalysis. So the possibilities of recurrence are high. And the process requirements to be repeated eincredibly few days.


This is not at all a hair removal solution, rather a hair camouflaging strategy. The hair may not be quickly visible to the eye, however it is absolutely tright here in its whole. Exposing the skin to sunlight within one hour after bleaching have the right to cause skin irritations. In addition, consistent usage of bleach can damages the skin.

Hair Removal Agents

This helps to rerelocate hair without expert help, and also is an inexpensive method. However before, the hair removal agent works superficially, interpretation that it demands to be applied typically. The best disbenefit of this approach is that it cannot (and have to not) be supplied for rerelocating facial hair.

Laser Hair Removal

This is the safest and also a lot of efficient technique for removing hair with durable results. Tbelow are no side effects and also no visible marks are left behind after the therapy. The drawbacks include even more than one sitting for complete hair removal, those that have actually dark skin or tanned skin have actually high risk of getting laser burns, it is very expensive, and world with hormonal inequalities are advised not to usage this method.

If you have read with all of the over techniques, it is clear the much less expensive methods have actually direct side effects and also inreliable outcomes. The expensive ones have other restrictions. None of them sell a organic remedy for removing facial hair. This is wright here tea tree oil proves to be a advantageous hair removal agent.

Getting Rid of Facial Hair With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oils have anti androgenic properties which basically targets a problem dubbed hirsutism, where hair develops on the androgen dependent areas in a women’s body. Tea tree oil not just gets rid of facial hair, yet also rejuvenates the skin and also helps to clear bacteria / germs. It hydrates the skin and brings a youthful glow in the face.


While Tea Tree Oil might be a powerful anti androgenic agent, it is better to use it in combicountry with lavender oil which is likewise known for its anti-androgenic properties. If you have actually been struggling via facial hair, then usage the adhering to actions to obtain smooth hair-free skin.

Mix 4-

6 drops of pure tea tree oil with 1 teaspoon of lavender. Make certain that it is blended to a smooth, nearly unicreate consistency

Use a clean cotton sphere for applying the mixture evenly on your confront. It would be ideal to put a few drops of the mix on the cotton round and then usage it to apply the mix on the required areas.

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Repeat this remedy 2-3 times a day

It would take a minimum of 3 months to rerelocate the facial hair totally. It is essential to be patient and also use the mix frequently. Remember, this is a organic hair removal method so it will take time to see results. You need to not be disappointed via the waiting and also perform not use any type of other approach in the time of this time. This might impact the outcomes which can not be as per expectations.