Laptops with windows 8.1 installed

Recently I obtained a brand-new laptop, the Dell Inspiron 15 5570 via the following specs:

Core i5 8250u 1.6 GHz4 GB DDR4AMD Radeon 530 2 GB GDDR5

Before this I was using an old COMPUTER via Windows 7 on it. Never bothered to update given that it did all the work-related I necessary it to perform. However, the new lapoptimal runs Windows 10 and I soon observed exactly how horrific it was so I"m planning to downgrade.

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Now I am thinking around going to Windows 8.1, because 7 might be a little bit as well old. But I have actually heard that 8.1 does not support the latest 8th gen CPUs so I may run right into difficulties. Is this true? What can I carry out to deal with this specific problem?



To inspect if you CPU is compatible with Windows 8.1 is simple, just look it up here. There is a step by action summary on just how to execute it.

Although the CPU is compatible with Windows 8.1, the truth is that Windows 8.1 does not assistance that processor. Windows 8.1 just supports approximately 6th generation Intel Core processors. See below.

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Although it can be feasible to install Windows if updated drivers are obtainable for the CPU by Dell or Intel. This means it will begin up and also run but you will certainly most most likely get an error when you attempt to update Windows and also if you have actually an unsustained processor, see this article right here.


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