Laptop with 4 ram slots

I have actually purchased an ASUS FX504GD and also based on task amnager and cpu-z tbelow are 4 slots accessible. I also own a HP and also over there it shows plainly 2 slots easily accessible. On their main website says 2 slots accessible. Can I include more RAM like 64 GB RAM?

The offcial specs:

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From the ASUS FAQ

Why does GL12CP only assistance 2 Memory slots when it has actually 4 Memory slots ?

The original GL12CP has 4 Memory slots. This wregarding permit our users to test compatibility issues with 3rd party memory. However before, we realized this could be confutilizing to the user so we rerelocated this attribute from the GL12CP and also will currently incorporate just 2 memory slots in future versions.

Q : I discovered 4 memory slots in my tool. What would happen if I plugs four Memory right into the 4 slots? A : The device will just detect and recognize the capacity of 2 DIMM Memory.

Please connumber the memory installation as the following : Choose either DIMM_A1 or DIMM_B1 Choose either DIMM_A2 or DIMM_B2

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answered Aug 4 "19 at 8:43

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