Laptop only has one jack

So i would choose to understand and ask, is it feasible to affix ONLY the microphone from the headset to the audio jack on my lapoptimal and speaking via it (because the microphamong the lapheight renders lazy noise to the others that listening to me, and to listen from the speakrs of my lapoptimal.. ?

Till currently i tried to affix it but i didn"t gain anything... simply as soon as i put the cable from my headset of the microphone right into the audio jack.. the sound of my lapheight speakers transforms off, prefer i associated the headphone jack for headphones (speakers)... yet i didn"t, i linked the microphone cable from my headset and also yet nopoint... i tried like that , however still nothing...

Any principle how to solve this "To listen with my lappeak speakrs and to speak with my HEADSET MICROPHONE?

Thank you all

windows-10 lapoptimal audio microphone headset
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asked Apr 10 "16 at 16:34

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No, this is not possible. Your lapheight has actually only 1 AUDIO JACK. This is not a microphone jack. Yes the jacks look the same, but they have 2 completly various features. One outputs audio (green, to speakers) and also one inputs audio (pink, from microphone).

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What you"re searching for is to obtain something like this for your lapheight, as lengthy as your lappeak does indeed have actually USB slots.


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edited Apr 10 "16 at 17:03
answered Apr 10 "16 at 16:56

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