Language interface pack

Corporations and also end individuals can downpack LIPs from download facility and also include them to any genuine copy ofWindows that has the supported parent language installed. For moreinformation, watch Local Language Program.

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Not all LIPs are currently easily accessible for Windows7. Forinformation around the latest obtainable LIPs, see the Local Language Program.

OEMs and device contractors that have actually welcomed the MicrosoftSoftware License Terms deserve to obtain the LIPs from the OEM and also systembuilder download centers.

Windows7 LIPs deserve to be installed on any edition ofWindows7 gave a valid parent language pack is alreadymounted. For instance, the Basque LIP deserve to be installed just if theSpanish (es-ES) or French (fr-FR) language load is alreadymounted. If you install a LIP to an offline Windows image, youmust verify that the sustained parent language fill is installed tothe Windows picture to which you intend to install the LIP. For alist of the supported parent languages, see Understanding LanguagePacks. If you use the LPKSetup.exe tool or double-click theLIP.mlc file, then the regimen will automatically detect whetheryou have the correct parent langueras installed. If the parentlanguage is not set up, then installation will certainly not continue andyou will certainly be prompted to install the parent language load.

Use among the complying with actions to install LIPs:

Install a LIP in an unattfinished Windowsinstallation.Install a LIP from the Windows7Language Interface Pack (LIP) CD.Install a LIP from the Microsoft Webwebsite.To install a LIP in an unattended Windowsinstallation

You deserve to install LIPs offline using a response file thevery same means you include a Language Pack. For more indevelopment, seeAdd and also RemoveLanguage Packs Offline.

You have the right to additionally install a LIP virtual by using the LPKSetuptool and also following the actions in Add a Language PackOnline. Alternately, you can include aFirstLogonCommand also to your answer file in theMicrosoft-Windows-Shell-Setup component and install a LIP as soon as thesettings in the answer file are applied the initially time Windowsboots. The FirstLogonCommand must run in an accountthat has administrator privileges.

The adhering to instance reflects what theFirstLogonCommand also need to look choose in your answerfile.

lpksetup.exe /i hi-IN /r /s /p %SYSTEMDRIVE%MyLIPshi-INInstall Hindi (India)1
For even more information about obtainable LIPs and also othermultilingual resources, check out UnderstandingMultilingual Deployments.

To install a LIP from the LIP CD
Log on to the destination computer as an administrator or usean account with administrator privileges.Insert the Windows7 Language Interchallenge Pack (LIP) CD.Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking Start
, and also thenchoosing Explore. Navigate to the root of the brochure inthe Windows7 LIP CD.

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Double-click the .mlc file. The Setup program starts.Select the LIP that you intend to install and follow theinstructions offered by the application.

After the LIP language is installed, you can readjust theUser Interface language by utilizing the Regional and LanguageOptions Control Panel. To open up the Regional and LanguageOptions Control Panel, click Start, type intl.cplin the Start Search message box, and also then press ENTER.

For more indevelopment around language interconfront packs,and also other multilingual resources, watch UnderstandingMultilingual Deployments.

To install a LIP from the Microsoft Website

OEMs and also mechanism building contractors have to get LIPs from thecompanion Web website.

Log on to the location computer system as an administrator or usean account via administrator privileges.Download the correct LIP.Navigate to the directory that includes the LIP that you intendto install - for instance, the hi-IN brochure - and also thendouble-click Lip.mlc. The Install or Uninstall DisplayLanguages window shows up.Follow the instructions offered by the Install or UninstallDisplay Languages application to finish the installation.

After the LIP language is set up, you have the right to readjust theUser Interface language by making use of the Regional and LanguageOptions Control Panel.

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For even more information around LIPs and other multilingualresources, check out UnderstandingMultilingual Deployments.