As promised, here"s my update short article on my Kojie San experience.I"ve been using the Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap and Lightening Body Lotion for four weeks now. I usage them together eincredibly other day and also apply sunscreen afterwards if I"m leaving the house. I"ve provided up four bars of soap already.

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The results? Well. You"ll check out for yourself.


Here are a few notes before we acquire to that:

I"ve been playing tennis outdoors at least once a week (around lunch time at that), which implies that I am still more tan than usual. The soap + lotion keeps me from tanning beyond a level I"m comfortable with! I like to save my organic medium skin tone, because many makeup shades suit me this method. If I"m too dark or also fair, the products I can use are limited, which affects my task. I desire to be able to play tennis whenever I want to without having to problem around acquiring too tan.The Kojie San soap is a powerful exfoliator. The kojic acid truly and relentlessly gets rid of dead skin cells and has actually a slight bleaching effect after every use. If you"re making use of this soap, forobtain about utilizing any type of various other scrub or exfoliant! It"s remarkable just how thounstable it is. However before, as readers mentioned, it have the right to be very drying. Remember to always use a body lotion AND, if you plan to be exposed to the sunlight, sundisplay screen with at least SPF30. This is non-negotiable if you do not desire to dehydprice and also damages your skin.You can leave the soap on your skin for at least 3-5 minutes to acquire a much more thostormy lightening impact. If you don"t really care a lot for whitening your skin but desire your elbows, armpits, knees, and heels to enhance your tone, you deserve to certainly usage this soap only on those locations. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off.

As I discussed, I"m currently more tan than normal as a result of my playing outdoors so I can"t present the whitening result of Kojie San on my body. But there is one point that lightened drastically, one thing that"s been bothering me for a while currently.

My knees.

Below is a picture of me last March 24. I"ve been lazy about exfoliating this year so my knees have actually dadvanced into their dark state again! I intend, look at "em. I don"t treatment a lot of days however once I check out pictures favor this I just desire to rage around the unfairness of it all. I take good care of my skin however it just constantly dims in some areas without provocation!


I started using Kojie San second week of April. I"ve supplied up four bars of the soap almost everywhere my body, and also this is what my knees look choose best now. I took these photos last Friday and did not modify them except for cropping.

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Yup, the hype is actual. This write-up is sponsored by Kojie San, which prompted me to attempt the brand for the initially time, yet after that I am hooked. I"ve currently stocked up on more bars at home! I love that they have a three-for-73 pesos box. One soap is great for around a week of usage so it"s really sulit.


So there you go. ^_^ I highly, very recommend Kojie San"s soap and body lotion if you want to eliminate dark, uneven locations in your skin. It really works! I swear by this stuff and will proceed utilizing and also repurchasing them. Have you tried Kojie San? How has it operated for you?

Kojie San is available at leading supermarkets, drug stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide. Follow them on Facebookand also Instagram!