Kindle android read books from sd card

I have a tablet running 9, through the latest version of the Kindle app. (The tablet is a Galaxy Tab A (8.0", 2019), yet that shouldn"t issue.) It"s not rooted.

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In the Amazon Kindle app, I"ve enabled "Downfill to SD Card" (which reasons books I"ve bought from Amazon to be stored on the exterior SD card) and also "Sjust how Personal Documents in Library".

The latter alternative provides *.mobi papers I"ve duplicated into the "Books" folder in "Internal Storage" to be visible in my Kindle library. The course to the folder is /storage/emulated/0/Books.

The external SD card is visible as /storage/0000-0000. Copying *.mobi papers into /storage/0000-0000/Books does not make them visible to the Kindle app.

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Is there a way to copy my very own *.mobi file (not purchased from Amazon) to a folder on my outside SD card so I have the right to read them with the Kindle app? I"m guessing there"s a certain catalog route, however a Google search has actually not revealed what it is.

(I understand I have the right to install publications by emailing them to myname_blah, however I"m searching for a way to just copy the records to the device.)

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