Kik not sending videos

“I use Kik as everyday messaging app. It periodically crash or can’t affix. Is there any solution?”

Launched in the year 2009, Kik has come to be among the most renowned applications among teenagers in the United States and also Canada. It is not only popular for chatting but likewise for its functions prefer sticker labels, emovements and much more. These features are distinguishing ones which make Kik stand also out from the remainder of the messaging apps.

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But In this article, I will certainly talk about some common problems and their solutions which are most commonly confronted by Kik users. Let us start now:

Part 1. How to Fix Kik Crashing

Part 2. Way to Fix Video Calls not Working on Kik Messenger

Part 3. How to Fix Kik Verification Not Working

Part 4. How to Fix Kik Not Connecting

Part 5. How to Fix Kik Camera Not Working

Must-perform Before Fix Kik Not Working Problems

Because Kik"s brand-new upday in 2016, the CEO of Kik Messenger has actually reported a decline in the development of the application owing to some technological problems which individuals are dealing with frequently. And in 2019, it was sassist Kik App was on the verge of shutting down according to the news from TechCrunch. If you’re an avid Kik user, you have to backup your Kik messages to computer prior to it shuts dvery own forever.

Here you can try - WhatsApp Transfer, an desktop app which can backup your social apps choose WhatsApp, Kik, Wechat, Line and also Viber. When you switch to a new phone, you deserve to gain back the backups to the brand-new phone. - Kik Back-up & Resave

•Transfer Kik chats from one tool to one more for iOS devices, making it the many right solution once switching gadgets.•Backup and also regain Kik messages to your computer.•Supports all iOS devices consisting of iPhone 11.
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Check the video tutorial below to learn exactly how to backup your Kik chat history to computer system.

Part 1. How to deal with Kik Crashing

If you have actually recently mounted the latest update of Kik on your ios or android phone, then you might have actually challenged the crashing of the application. If you have challenged this difficulty, then don’t problem we will certainly comment on services for the same. Some of these tried and tested options are:

Close the application forcecompletely and re-opening the app

This solution have the right to be supplied by iOS individuals just. So if you have an iPhone and also the application crashes then you should try to cshed the application forcecompletely and then re-opening the exact same on your tool.

Update Kik to the latest version

If you have recently updated your ios to 10 or past or your android system to 7.0 or more then, you should additionally upday Kik messenger app. This have to be done in order to maintain the compatibility through the latest iOS or Android interchallenge on the smartphones.

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Reinstalling Kik Messenger

The finest and the simplest means to stop the application from crashing is to delete and also reinstall the Kik messenger.

These quick and also straightforward methods have actually aided many kind of individuals to stop the Kik app’s crashing.

Part 2. Way to Fix Video Calls not Working on Kik Messenger

If you are encountering difficulties in making or receiving a video clip contact on Kik messenger then, the initially point you must check whether or not you are linked to a stable network-related and internet. If you are linked to the internet and still not able to make video calls then you need to toggle your plane mode on and also off in your tool whether you are making use of iOS, Android or Windows.

If the difficulty still persists then, just inspect the settings of your iOS or android device in order to ensure that the Kik messenger has been allowed to have actually access to your phone electronic camera. This should resolve the trouble in the majority of of the situations yet, if still you are facing difficulty connecting the video calls then have to try these steps:

•Restart your device and switch on and off your device’s internet connection and then, randomly accessibility any webwebsite to ensure that the internet connection is steady and also is functioning effectively.•Try to pressure shut the Kik application and also re-opening the same again.•Updating your Kik application and the operating system of your device to the latest release on your smartphone whether it is iOS, Android or Windows.

Part 3. How to Fix Kik Verification Not Working

Like all various other social media applications, Kip individuals also have to follow certain actions in order to keep out spammers and also bots. The confirmation procedure is done through captcha confirmation. However before, at some time users confront some worries via the verification procedure. If you confront any worry through the confirmation process then attempt following any type of of the below-stated measures in order to deal with the issue:

Refresh the Captcha- If the problem persists and also you are not able to log in then you need to refresh the captcha using a little circle in order to refresh the very same. You have the right to tap on this and attempt aget. This need to be done before the moment for that particular picture expires which will certainly cause some even more issues, so you need to refresh the picture before the moment on the captcha expires.


Repack the App- If refreshing the captcha does not occupational then you might try to close the Kik Messenger application utilizing pressure sheight and also reopen the application.Reinstall the Application- If the worry still persists then prefer various other concerns as declared over, you need to uninstall and also reinstall the application totally again by going back to the application save.

Part 4. How to Fix Kik Not Connecting

Though the application uses a number of unique functions but tright here might be situations wbelow you may challenge issues connecting via the Kik messenger application itself. If any of you deals with this concern then you can follow any of these options in order to settle the issue:

•Try switching on and also off between your relationships by going to the settings menu to encertain the appropriate stability of the connection.•Try switching in between Wi-Fi from your mobile data and vice versa.•Switch off your mobile and also restarting the gadget. If this additionally does not occupational, you deserve to toggle between the Airaircraft on and also off mode in order to make sure that the tool is having a appropriate internet connection.•You have to additionally ensure that the mobile’s operating mechanism is updated and also then making certain that the Kik Messenger application is updated also.

Part 5. How to Fix Kik Camera Not Working

This is just one of the most widespread concerns that users face while using Kik. This is a resultant of either hardware or a software program trouble and also it deserve to be fixed too. You have to follow these techniques in order to solve this issue:


Restart your device- Rebeginning your gadget can quickly fix the electronic camera trouble. Once the tool is restarted, you need to take a few snaps via your camera first and also encertain its proper working and then head over to the Kik app to make certain that the video camera difficulty is fixed.• Permission Change- If the troubles still persist, then go to settings and also find the cam app and look right into the pergoals. If you have not already authorized the application to excess electronic camera then doing the very same will settle the concern and also to use the same rebegin your device once and then head over to the application.• Factory reset- Opt this alternative only as soon as you are okay with deleting everything on your tool and also this have to be provided as the last rekind.

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I hope these quick and also simple services will certainly aid you get rid of the troubles you are facing while using the Kik application.