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Kik provides it less complicated than ever before to save in touch with your friends and also family members. Unlike various other apps that require you to disclose your phone number, Kik permits you to sign up and also sfinish messeras through just your email deal with, which helps store your privacy safe.

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Whether you’re looking to defend your privacy or you’re simply searching for a new means to store in touch, there’s a lot to understand around this well-known messaging app. In this article, we’ll cover whatever you need to understand.

What is Kik?

Kik Messenger is a totally free instant messaging and also social netfunctioning app that provides your smartphone’s data arrangement or Wi-Fi connection to send messeras to various other Kik individuals, bypassing SMS (brief message service). It’s accessible on iOS, Android, and Amazon for Kindle Fire.

While Kik is not distinct in how it transmits interactions, it differentiates itself via a distinctive yet controversial effort to target a details demographic: Kik appeals to the teenage crowd bereason of its emphasis on privacy and also anonymity. As of 2016, Kik Messenger had actually some 300 million registered customers, and also was provided by an estimated 40% of adolescents in the UNITED STATE It hasn’t disclosed any kind of user numbers because 2016.

The trick is that you execute not need to register your phone number through Kik — it requirements just your name and also email — which allows you maintain a super-personal presence on the platform that’s identifiable just by your user name, the name you register through. With just a user name as an ID, Kik lets you exadjust messages, photos, videos, sketches, sticker labels, mobile webpages, emoji, and also various other content through others on the platcreate. This substantially appeals to teen individuals (the main minimum age is 13 years old), as well as others with privacy comes to.

With a user name instead of a phone number, you don’t immediately share individual information through others — your chat companions on Kik have the right to only watch your display name, user name, and also profile photo. They can’t watch your email resolve, phone number, or birthday, though within a Kik group, everyone can check out your user name. An optional feature checks for Kik accounts that complement email addresses or phone numbers on your smartphone to help you uncover your contacts.

Kik features




The easy-to-usage, yet full-featured app has the acquainted look and also feel of an SMS message messenger, but with a number of appealing perks. Like a lot of text-messaging apps, Kik sends out notifications to let you understand once you have sent out your message and as soon as it was obtained. You deserve to personalize audio notifications through different tones and also receive them as soon as someone messeras you, and also you have the right to also use themes to your chats. A live typing attribute suggests in actual time when your call is replying to your message. This method, you recognize at leastern that there’s a message in progression. You have the right to also see as soon as a message you’ve sent has been read.

Kik really stands out for its social media integration. You have the right to usage Kik to invite friends or household through SMS, email, or via Facebook and Twitter. If friends whose call information you have actually conserved on your phone authorize up by means of their phone number or email, Kik detects that you are associated and sends out notifications to link up on the company. You deserve to likewise sign up with Public Groups organized according to interemainder. In addition, Kik has actually recently introduced a “Meet New People” attribute, which throws you into brand-new chats with other Kik individuals based on your interests.

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Kik codes


Kik users each have actually a distinct QR-favor code they have the right to access from their settings that enables them to find or invite brand-new members to the business. To include a user from a Kik code, tap the search icon, then tap Find People, then tap Shave the right to a Kik Code. You should enable Kik to accessibility your video camera before you have the right to sdeserve to a 2nd Kik code. When someone scans your code, a chat opens up, and also they deserve to immediately sfinish you a message. Also, you deserve to discover Kik codes online in social media, or at cafes and also other venues.

Video and also group chats

You deserve to initiate a group chat by tapping the magnifying glass search symbol, tapping Start a Group, and then including customers to your team. You deserve to join a team chat — either public or private — with as much as 49 various other participants. Private teams are not searchable by means of the application and human being can join by scanning the team Kik code or if they’re added to the group by one of their very own contacts. Public teams are searchable and established by a hashtag. You likewise have the alternative to straight chat through a group member, and also you regulate whether or not you’re obtainable for direct messperiods. Disabling the direct message attribute indicates others in the group cannot message you.

For those seeking an alternate to Skype or FaceTime, Kik facilitates real-time video chat that’s similar to other video chat apps. You have the right to video chat live via friends one-to-one or chat through approximately 6 friends in a personal chat. A Video Chat toggle lets you sign up with or leave a team chat at will certainly. Kik lists all the chats you have via world, letting you click to access the chat or to start an additional chat.

Bot Shop


Anvarious other teen-oriented function is Kik’s bot shop, an App Store for bots that run on the platform. Kik’s chatbots are oriented to social interaction. You can chat through them, take quizzes, and also find fashion tips, news, advice, and more in categories like Fun via Friends, Entertainment, Meet New People, Gamings, Fashion & Beauty, and Lifestyle. If you don’t have actually buddies to chat through, the bots provide an entry right into the chat arena so you have the right to accomplish new people.

Young chat challenges

Those crazy children — constantly approximately something. Kik’s teenage fan base has produced quite a bit of heat concerning the amount of privacy and anonymity the application affords, and fears and some sad real-world examples of predatory criminal habits by adults and also abusive actions. In 2017, a Forbes and also Point report revealed a big variety of crimes against youths linked to the company. Kik has actually responded to such pertains to by publishing expansive guidelines for parents whose kids may be on the platcreate.

Kik has recommended safety procedures and also general tips for maintaining children safe. Still, parental fees cannot immediately check out their kid’s Kik chats remotely. To obtain in, they should have the password for access. They likewise need to see chats on the exact same device: There’s no remote surveillance attribute. Tright here is additionally no technical means to enforce the 13-or-over preeminence for the platdevelop. Kik likewise can’t guarantee that a young perkid will not register on the company via a false birth day.

The cops

Kik has a plan of disclocertain, making a point to reach out to legislation enforcement prior to anything comes up on its very own. Kik complies with any breakthroughs by legislation enforcement as well. The app’s Trust and Safety team is on contact 24/7 for emergency disclosure researches. 

Generally, Kik can’t read your messeras, yet it deserve to watch images and videos, retaining them until it’s sent out. If someone provides a lawful research for data, they deserve to reach earlier 90 days to comply. Kik takes an active stance via legislation enforcement, posting police repursuit develops in downloadable PDF format on its website and also sponsoring webinars to educate legislation enforcement around just how the app works. Kik also participated in the 2018 Crimes Against Children Conference.

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To assist prevent any type of delays and also obtain you the information you need, we recommfinish that you save the exact username you’re watching handy. If you should repursuit information for any type of reason, make certain you’re going through the proper networks to speed up the process. No matter what, you’ll likely enrespond to some delays while requesting data. For example, if you’re retrieving indevelopment from across the border, it’ll take a little bit more time. If data leaves Canada, it hregarding be processed, judged, and welcomed by the Justice Department prior to it arrives at its final location— which adds an extra step to your wait time.

Is Kik for you

Understandably, Kik isn’t for everyone. The main audience for this app is pre-teenagers and teens. Partially for that factor, in recent years, Kik has actually aided lead initiatives with regulation enforcement, parental fees, and also consumers. It’s making a noticeable effort to protect the safety of its young customers. However before, also with the company’s work-related, it’s still crucial for paleas to remember that any virtual task calls for attention and also treatment to store minors safe from anyone that may exploit or take advantage of them. 

If you perform make the decision to let your boy downpack Kik, we recommend founding an continuous conversation with them around virtual safety. Whenever a person is virtual, there’s a risk for inproper or unwelcome content, even through every one of Kik’s work to defend young patrons. Starting that conversation via your children deserve to assist teach them approaches to continue to be safe online. Be certain to store an eye on their internet task, too. The internet deserve to be a fun area for customers if it’s supplied safely and responsibly.