Kik change username

Tired of the username on your Kik account? Do you desire to adjust it? In this short article, we check out whether or not it is possible to adjust your Kik username. We will additionally share with you the miscellaneous alternatives available when it pertains to regulating your Kik account.

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Is It Possible to Change Your Kik Username?

Unfortunately, it is not feasible to readjust your Kik username. Your Username is your identification on Kik and as such the just way to change it would certainly be to create a new account with a different email address. This is not a viable option for many kind of given that it would certainly involve having actually to share your new Kik identification with your friends all over again. But you deserve to readjust your screen name.

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1 How to Change Your Kik Display Name

If you want to change your Kik screen name to somepoint more fun or simply different, follow these easy actions to execute it.

Step 1: Open the Kik app on your iPhone to accessibility your account. Click on the “Settings” option on the primary page. It is situated on the upper best edge of the display.


Step 2: next, tap on “Your Account” and you have to have the ability to watch your Kik username and your name.

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Tip 3: Tap on “Name” to adjust your display screen name.


Tip 4: A popup home window will certainly show up enabling you to enter a brand-new name of your option. Once you are happy with your new selection, click “OK” to confirm.


Step 5: You deserve to go back to your account web page to watch if the name adjust has done well.

2 How to Transfer Kik Messages from iPhone to Computer

If you need a safe method to back up your Kik messeras or you simply want to have a hard copy of your messages, the best means to do it is to export the messages to your computer system. The finest tool to assist you quickly export any type of number of messperiods from your Kik account to your computer system is D-Port. This tool is specifically designed to move not simply Kik messeras yet any type of various other type of data you desire to transport from your iPhone to your computer. The following are just some of the things it deserve to perform.

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It deserve to be offered to see and also extract multiple forms of information from your iPhone including Kik Messperiods and also their attachments.The ptestimonial attribute allows you to view and also pick the type of data you desire to export.You can also use D-Port to download and also extract Kik messperiods from an iCloud backup file.It is also handy as soon as you desire to view and also extract data from an iTunes backup.