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* ( – A Miramar middle-schooler is reextending from spinal surgery after he states he was body-slammed at institution.

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Taishawn Yee invested a week in the hospital adhering to the occurrence late last month at New Renaissance Middle School.

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“I cry occasionally. I feel upset because I say to myself, ‘I wasn’t born via metal inside me, however currently I have actually it’,” Yee states of the titanium pins put in his neck to help him heal.

He currently has actually a big sauto on the ago of his neck to remind him of what taken place.

Yee, and 8th grader, says students were showing off their toughness on April 28th by lifting each various other off the ground.

The students were offered free time after a day of FCAT testing to execute via as the please, Yee described.

He states one boy took it also far, lifting him without permission simply as they were gaining all set to leave institution to board the bus.

“I feel somebody come up behind me, grab me by the waist, then it happened so quick. They slammed me to the floor,” Yee shelp. “I woke up and felt my left hand was completely numb. I couldn’t relocate it at all.”

Yee was rushed to the hospital where physicians told his mom he had fractured three vertebrae in his neck.

“Seeing him go right into surgical treatment that morning, that was not simple. I didn’t know if he was going to make it, yet say thanks to God he did,” Yee’s mother, Angella Hines, sassist.

Hines states she believes the college was negligent.

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“I don’t think tbelow was sufficient supervision tright here,” Hines shelp. “That’s why I have actually an attorney.”

A Broward County Public Schools spokesperson says the district confirms this was a “horseplaying incident” that’s presently under examination.

The boy was suspended, and also the board is recommending expulsion, according to the spokesperboy.

Yee says the boy, that he just knows as “Jason”, was removed from class for one more incidence days prior to the altercation.

“Why would you perform this to me,” he asked of the boy. “I didn’t bvarious other you.

Yee wishes his suffer sparks change at the institution.

“My institution is outlawed. Students run the location,” Yee shelp. “That’s exactly how I feel.”

Yee won’t be able to return to institution to end up out the year. His plans to volunteer via animals this summer have actually also been put on hold.

For currently, he’s glad his injuries weren’t any worse.

“I would have actually been paralyzed. Thank God I wasn’t. Or I can have been dead. That’s what the medical professional told me,” he sassist.

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Yee was not able to complete all of his FCAT trial and error. He wishes that doesn’t pose a difficulty as he transitions to high college in the loss.