From the Queen song "We Will Rock You". Lyrics:

Buddy you"re a boy make a large noise Playin" in the street gonna be a big male some day You gained mud on yo" face You substantial disgrace Kickin" your can all over the place

What does that mean?


"No, "can" is a euphemism for ass/butt." -No, No no, "can" is additionally a prikid, placing an ass in that sentence does not add through any deeper interpretation. -Why would you kick your own butt everywhere the place? Seems more favor the young kid have no self criticism at all, so the initially interpretation - that it is a noisy dirty careless boy - appears many most likely.
Imagine a son kicking a have the right to - an empty beer can or such. It"s noisy, disruptive, not something "nice children" carry out. Now, "almost everywhere the place" - anywhere around, through the community. Lots of noise, lots of cheek as it surely annoys many civilization - being noisy, obnoxious and also disrespectful - a spunky young troublemaker, still not solid sufficient to reason any type of genuine damages, however obnoxious currently.

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This is the image the song is paint in the initially stanza - a child that "will be a large guy some day", not just grown up, but influential. Then it proceeds to a young revolutionary (that will certainly "take on the world some day") and also ends via a disillusioned, worn down old guy only seeking tranquility.


That"s funny -- I"ve never before figured out the words to this song despite having actually heard it a billion times, until you simply replicated and also pasted it.

One possibility: there"s a children"s game called "kick the can" which is a variation on tag, and the singer, mocking the listener, is arguing that the listener is still a son, playing games. Not certain this interpretation is right, though.

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I would certainly read it as "make noise anywhere the place", or in various other words "go around to obtain attention focused to yourself".

It"s basically a different wording for the first sentence in your snippet.



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