Keyboard on lock screen iphone

I just upgraded to iOS 8.0.2. Now tbelow is a long-term key-board on the lower fifty percent of my display in locked mode and also on residence screen. The key-board will certainly pop up eincredibly time I obtain a text message and also it will certainly cause the house display to lock up.

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How perform I remove this?


Try going to Settings, then Password. Go into your lock display password. Swipe down tbelow are radio butlots under a heading that reads Allow accessibility once locked. The last one is Reply with message. Try turning that one off.

If problem persists and you desire an annoying non(long-term)solution, you can swipe ideal straight on the lock screen message to get a reply square. Selecting this will enable you to close out of the lock display screen text and provide you complete access to the password enattempt display so that you don"t have to restart your phone.

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I"ve had this worry also as soon as using a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad Air (iOS 8.0.2).

As soon as I disconnect the key-board, the software program key-board will pop up on display screen, regardless whether the conmessage permits text enattempt.

The keyboard responds to input (essential press), yet even once having an application such as Notes open up, typing does not do anypoint. I"ve noticed that as soon as you break-up the keyboard in two, it will actually disclose a second key-board behind it for a break-up second.

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The just workabout I"ve found is to tough reset the iPad by holding both the home switch and the lock switch for ten seconds (till the logo appears). After that, the permanent on-display screen key-board disshows up.



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