Keyboard failure dell

I have a desktop PS/2 keyboard that functions fine when in Regular mode. But for some factor when booting in BIOS, by pressing either (F2) or (F8), a message for about a 2nd claims, "Keyboard Failure".  


Of course, the key-board attributes in BIOS via the up/down arrow and also Get in secrets. But after going in Safe mode, the key-board does not work-related, and also as shortly as once one essential is hit, the PS/2 computer mouse becomes disabled also.


I entered Set up and also under Combined Devices (Legacy Select Options), the complying with settings are as follows:

Serial Port : Auto

Parallel Port: Setting : PS/2

USB emulation : ON

USB controller : ON


I don"t know if anything in those settings are collection erroneously. I constantly have actually provided the same PS/2 keyboard and also computer mouse day-to-day. I did need to plug a USB mouse in just to have the ability to get out of BIOS as soon as I hit a vital, and lost manage of both PS/2 gadgets in Safe Setting.   


I then went into gadget manager while in Safe Mode. Under the Hardware tab, the key-board does not show up.(It states the PS/2 mouse is functioning correctly). I selected "Sexactly how Hidden Devices" and the keyboard appears. I clicked on "keyboard", and the key-board opens up underneath mirroring the Standard PS/2 key-board (But it shows up greyed out).


I appropriate clicked on the PS/2 keyboard, selected properties, and also under the General tab it says: "Location" : The gadget is plugged in to the keyboard port. It additionally says: Currently, this gadget is not connected to the computer (Code 45)"


I tried the troubleshooting button, yet I I do not favor following those instructions bereason it claims that I should attempt first un-installing the driver and also then re-booting to let Windows detect hardware and also install the motorists.

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(if it failed to automatically install them, I would have actually even more trouble). I wouldn"t find them on either MS or Dell"s websites bereason of this system"s age. 


I then selected "Update Driver". The hardware wizard pops up to give 2 options: to install the CD, or allow to install making use of Windows Updays. I schosen install CD making use of the manufacturer"s disc that came through the COMPUTER. (I have a CD drive/ DVD burner built in). The wizard said it couldn"t find it, and also it says to click troubleshoot . 


I"ll connect a screen swarm of the key-board driver in Device Manage in my next reply while running in Typical mode. I simply had actually a topic closed yesterday on BC under the Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and also Malware Removal forum. The moderator assisted me to clean my device. My key-board issue existed before the device was cleaned, so malware is not the issue 


I do not have actually an extra PS/2 key-board or a USB key-board. I"m running OS Victory XP SP3. The entire FRST log is on BC under my topic that was closed yesterday titled: "Followed misguided directions on another website to run TDSSKiller", in situation you might require additional specs. (I do not understand if there"s a factor aget under this forum, i.e Speccy, FRST, etc)