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What is a vital file and also an activation code for Kasperskies remedies for business

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You can activate Kasperskies options for organization making use of an activation code or an essential file. The essential file or activation code gives you the license certificate.

The scope of solutions and validity duration depfinish on the type of license under which the application was caused. The complying with kinds of licenses are available: 

Trial — a cost-free license for a short period which allows to gain acquainted with the application. Commercial — a paid-for license offered once the application is purchased.

What is an activation code?

An activation code is a distinctive set of 20 personalities of the adhering to type: ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ. Internet accessibility is compelled fro activating with the activation code.

What is a key file?

A crucial file is a file of the following type: xxxxxxxx.crucial, which is provided for activating solutions for service offline.

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What is a license certificate?

The License Certificate includes the following license information:

order number;information about the license user;indevelopment around the application that have the right to be set off by the license;restrictions on the number of gadgets on which the application have the right to be used under the license;license begin date;license expiry date;type of license.

How to gain a trial crucial file

A trial vital file is intended for those who want to try to use the application for the first time. All application functions occupational without restrictions for 30 days because including of the trial vital file.

You deserve to activate the application with a trial essential file just as soon as. You cannot usage the trial crucial file for rebirth.

To obtain a trial vital file:

Select the application and also click Free trial.


Fill in the areas and click Sfinish.

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The message through a link will be sent out to the email resolve you have specified. Follow the connect to verify your email resolve.

After verification, you will certainly obtain one more message via the complying with contents:

The connect to the application distribution packageTrial vital files for each category of the applicationsText file via the trial key file

How to calculate the license term for the commercial essential file

The expiry day for the essential file have the right to be calculated making use of the following formula: + .

If the date is:

Is later than the license storage finish day, the expiration date will be reduced to that day. Is earlier than the license storage end day, the expiry day will equal the day of the essential expiration.

What happens once the key file term expires

After the expiry of the commercial license, solution components will switch to restricted usability. You deserve to usage protection and also monitoring components and also run virus shave the right to using the databases set up in the time of the license term.

To continue utilizing all the functions of the application, renew the license term or buy a new one.

Kasperskies does not guarantee protection against risks after the license term of the solution has expired. We recommend that you renew the license before the existing license expires to ensure seammuch less switch to the brand-new license.

What to execute if you shed your activation code or crucial file

If the activation code or key file was shed, you can reclaim it in one of the adhering to ways:

Include the following information: 

Where the application was boughtCompany namePurchase dateOrder number (if bought online) from the confirmation message you got after purchaseLicense variety of the following format XXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX, which is specified in the certificateThe summary of the trouble
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