Just a couple of days till 7/29 and also Windows 10 still seems buggy. Tonight Microsoft has released two added updays for Windows 10 Build 10240. Because Microsoft chose, to “announce Updates” through tweets without better details. Here a couple of details and also some thoughts.

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Hey, we have a brand-new tweet …

Just lean ago and also rethink: A normal Windows administrator will certainly have a look right into Windows Upday to examine, if and also which updays are easily accessible. And in Windows 7/Windows 8.1 the upday window lists pfinishing updays with Details-Links to related KB articles.

Well, it seems that Windows 10 has adjusted the game. Updays will certainly be announced personally from Gabe Aul on Twitter.

#WindowsInsiders Anvarious other upday currently obtainable on Windows Upday for Windows 10 PC construct 10240.

— Gabriel Aul (

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GabeAul) 24. Juli 2015

Sorry for sarcasm, it’s ok, that Gabe announced the Update for Windows Insiders. But what’s annoying: Just a tweet, no info about the KB-Number, no details. Seems the same plan as for the last Surchallenge Pro 3 firmware upday (given that 2 days no information what the update is for).

Update-Details required?

Browsing the web this morning leads me to this sites , writing around the new updays without telling any details at all around the updays. Thus I fired up a Windows 10 machine and also have had a look at the Settings page.

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Details? Not at all, simply bla bla. Also the Details links, gave in older Windows versions, are gone. Here is my Germale Details web page.


Because of this I searched the web (Bing and Google did not show results beside the Twitter bla bla). Finally I used the old trick: I fired up a browser, went to https://assistance.microsoft.com/en-en/kb/3074686 and also exreadjusted the KB number in the URL. At leastern I was able to provide the complying with details:

KB3074679: A cumulative defense upday for Windows 10 – to deal with defense worries. Here are the details:

This security upday resolves the complying with vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows:

The vulnercapability might enable remote code execution if a user opens up a specially crafted document or visits an untrusted webweb page that has installed OpenType fonts. To learn more around the vulnercapability, check out Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-078.The vulnerability results Adobe Flash Player in Net Explorer. To learn more around the vulnerability, view Microsoft security advisory 2755801 and Adobe Security bulletin APSB15-18.The vulnercapacity might allow elevation of privilege if the Windows Installer service incorrectly runs custom action scripts.

Additionally, this update has non–security-connected changes to boost the functionality of Windows 10 through brand-new functions and improvements.

KB3074686: This update enhances the Windows 10 out-of-box endure (OOBE). This update applies just to the Windows 10 OOBE process and will certainly be available just at the time that OOBE updates are installed.

Also, Windows Update tried to install a brand-new Intel HD graphics driver on my test machine.

My thought’s …

What I’m absent are detailed indevelopment around all pfinishing updays – offered in my Windows Update windows. I don’t like to search the internet, I like to watch a Details attach to connected KB articles. The current solution, Microsoft has choosen for Windows 10 is just a mess – it doesn’t fit my requirements in production environments. And what’s your opinion around Windows Upday in Windows 10?