Kaspersky troubleshooting

Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the mechanism power is turned off?

When I execute as you say on the screenswarm, it runs for a lengthy time, then comes back through a Failure.

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I did a test on one more server. I checked out the screen for the server, schosen the Kasperskies Endpoint Security 10 Maintenance Release 1 for Windows entry and also hit STOP. Within a few secs, it went back and also shows the application as inenergetic. I then schosen it aacquire and hit START (green arrow). It ran for about a minute, then came ago with Faitempt. The Network Agent enattempt reflects as Running.

I then attempted to start it up via the Task under Tasks for Specific Computers which is to Start KAV. After it was running for 15 minutes, I aborted it. (Now I have actually an additional server to address :-( )

On the problematic tool, deserve to you run the klnagchk.exe application? Please open up a command prompt and browse to:C:Program Files (x86)Kasperskies LabNetworkAgentklnagchk.exeCan you tell me if you view any failures via any of the checks? 

The network agent examine on the client server passes all tests.

The event log for Kaspersky mirrors just klnagent entries. Many entries are "A request for brand-new connection from Admin server". However before, I execute view one entry from this morning wright here the KAV application is stopped. I check out no entries for a research to begin up or a faientice to begin up.

At this allude, I"m not sure what might be causing the faientice to happen. I would contact Kaspersky Support; they will probably have you more than likely collect some log papers and/or use their "GetSystemInfo.exe" software program that will collect regional information and statistics for their review. 


http://assistance.kaspersky.com/b2b#region0Sorry I couldn"t be of more help.

I found out with one more problem I had submitted by means of jiyuushikan.org, concerned VPN worries, that tbelow was a patch necessary to v10.2.x to settle that problem.

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I had actually worries getting past the Company type of Account login web page, so I simply visited the Downlots web page and also downloaded the KAV Endallude Protection for Windows client posted tright here. I compared it to the version I initially had actually, and also check out a little difference in the file dimension.

I mounted the new client on my "test case" server I stated above, and now I have the right to start and speak the client at will from the Security Center.

So, the difficulty appears to be a pest in the existing release, which appears to be addressed already. One simply requirements to download the latest client from the Kaspersky internet site.

Interesting. When I read you have KES 10 Maintenance Release 1, I instantly assumed you were running 10.1.23 bereason, since I never observed a previous variation of M1, the just other variation I was mindful of prior to hand also was Just out of curiosity, carry out you have actually the precisely variation # that had actually the bug in it? I gain helping others on this forum and also finding out from it too for my very own individual notes. 

I"m glad you uncovered the solution.

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I am at v10.2.1.23.

I downloaded the "working" version from:


I do not watch a version there.

My mistake; I made a typo and have actually considering that readjusted it to means, I"ll note this difficulty and solution. Thanks again!

Here is a attach to the related VPN difficulties being caused by the latest version of Kaspersky:



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