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Kasperskies PURE 3.0

Ultimate PC Protection for Your Home For the ultimate PC defense solution, choose Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security. It delivers everything you need to safeguard your PC – including your digital identity and also your documents, photos, music and passwords – against the latest, innovative malware and also Net risks. With one-of-a-kind functions that add even more layers of protection once you’re digital shopping or banking, Kasperskies PURE 3.0 additionally secures your money and your accounts versus cybercriminals. It delivers whatever you need to safeguard your COMPUTER – including your digital identity and also your papers, photos, music and passwords – against the latest, advanced malware and also Internet risks. With unique features that add even more layers of protection once you’re online shopping or banking, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 additionally secures your money and your accounts versus cybercriminals.

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Online shopping, banking and social networking deserve to leave your COMPUTER vulnerable to viroffers – and also your digital identification & finances exposed to criminal strikes. Kaspersky’s innovative hybrid protection strategy combines effective defense modern technologies running on your COMPUTER and also the real-time effectiveness of the cloud. As a result, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security delivers a much faster, more efficient response to today’s ever-evolving risks. In enhancement, Kaspersky’s brand-new Automatic Exploit Prevention innovation blocks assaults that try to gain control over your COMPUTER or steal your personal information by exploiting vulnerabilities within commonly-offered applications. With Kasperskies PURE 3.0, you deserve to reap the Web to its complete potential – without hazards or disruption.">Award-winning defense against all kinds of Internet threats
Whenever before you usage digital banking, shopping websites or digital payment devices, Kasperskies PURE 3.0 provides added layers of defense. Kaspersky’s distinctive Safe Money modern technology ensures that the webwebsite you’re visiting is secure – to prevent you from being exploited by a fake or phishing webwebsite. Safe Money will certainly additionally market to open up your favored webwebsite in a distinct, safeguarded mode – so your credit card number and various other individual data cannot be accessed by cybercriminals.">Secure virtual banking and shopping – through Kaspersky’s distinct Safe Money technology
Due to the fact that new Internet threats emerge with exceptional speed, Kaspersky protects your PC by using real-time data from the cloud. With the cloud-based Kasperskies Security Network-related constantly gathering information from millions of consenting users’ devices, Kaspersky have the right to safeguard you from suspicious activity on your PC. Potential threats are monitored and analysed in real-time – and also dangerous actions are totally blocked prior to they can cause injury. ">Real-time, proenergetic and also cloud innovations detect brand-new, arising and unwell-known threats
Kaspersky’s latest cloud-based and also proenergetic anti-phishing technologies safeguard you – and also your digital identity – versus virtual fraudsters. In addition, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 contains two distinctive modern technologies – Secure Keyboard and Virtual Keyboard – that supply added defense versus keyloggers, hackers and also identity thieves when you’re entering personal information virtual. Additionally, Kaspersky’s Password Manager* geneprices strong passwords, securely stores your passwords in an encrypted vault and instantly logs you on to websites and applications. A new, cloud-based function likewise enables you to synchronise your passwords throughout multiple Computers.">Protects your digital identity and your privacy
Easy-to-use backup and also regain features help you to defend your valuable photos, music and financial records – so they’re still accessible if you suffer a hard disk crash or if your COMPUTER is shed or stolen. Kasperskies PURE 3.0 additionally has 2 GB of Online Backup – so you can accessibility your online backup from any kind of computer with an Net link. ">Scheduled backup protects your photos, music and also financial data
On eincredibly COMPUTER, Internet browsing history and deleted documents can adversely affect performance and leave PCs vulnerable to strikes. Kasperskies PURE 3.0 contains one-of-a-kind PC Cleanup tools that deserve to permanently ‘shred’ your deleted records and delete your surfing history, short-lived files, cookies and the contents of your Recycle Bin. COMPUTER Cleanup implies you have the right to defend your privacy and digital identity, while likewise ensuring your PC keeps running smoothly.">Encrypted vaults secucount store your helpful files
On eextremely COMPUTER, Internet searching background and deleted files deserve to adversely influence performance and leave PCs vulnerable to attacks. Kasperskies PURE 3.0 has distinct PC Cleanup tools that can permanently ‘shred’ your deleted papers and also delete your surfing background, short-lived papers, cookies and also the contents of your Recycle Bin. COMPUTER Cleanup suggests you can defend your privacy and digital identification, while also ensuring your COMPUTER keeps running smoothly.">COMPUTER Cleanup tools assist to keep your COMPUTER running smoothly
Kaspersky PURE 3.0 gives every little thing you need to protect your COMPUTER – via minimal influence on your PC’s performance and without constantly distracting you through alerts and queries. Kasperskies PURE 3.0 has actually been optimised to occupational behind-the-scenes – checking the reputation of all applications and websites that you access, analysing the behaviour of programs, immediately updating its very own databases… and even more. With Kaspersky PURE 3.0 protecting your PC and your information, you can enjoy our ultimate protection – without it noticeably affecting the speed of your COMPUTER.">Hassle-complimentary security that helps to maintain your PC’s performance
Kaspersky’s two-way firewall gives a secure perimeter roughly your PC—to aid encertain your individual indevelopment doesn’t loss into the wrong hands. In enhancement to preventing hackers from accessing your COMPUTER, Kaspersky’s firewall also controls what’s transmitted from your PC to the external world—so malware can’t send out your files or personal information.">Easy, centralised defense monitoring of multiple PCs… from a single PC
Kasperskies PURE 3.0 includes award-winning parental controls – to help store your kids safe and responsible. In addition to regulating your children’s access to the PC, Web, applications, games and websites, you can also block, limit or log Instant Messaging and social netfunctioning. Additionally, it’s straightforward to control file downloads and you deserve to also block the carry of private data – such as phone and also crmodify card numbers.">Award-winning parental controls save your children safe online

*Password Manager is not accessible for x64 operating units, applications or browsers.


Safe Money

Kaspersky Pure adds even more protection for your financial transactions. Whenever you log onto an online shopping, banking or payment webwebsite, Kaspersky’s new Safe Money technology offers automatic security. It checks the website’s URL against a list of secure sites, verifies the site’s security certificate and also likewise scans your PC’s operating system to check for any type of associated vulnerabilities. Safe Money likewise immediately argues that the site is opened up in the one-of-a-kind Safe Money mode – to help additionally defend your individual data against theft.

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Imshowed Secure Virtual Keyboard

Kaspersky Pure helps to safeguard you from identification thefts. When you open a financial institution or payment webwebsite – or enter a password on a webwebsite – Kaspersky’s Secure Keyboard modern technology automatically prevents keyloggers from accessing the personal information that you form on your key-board. Furthermore, Kaspersky’s boosted Virtual Keyboard modern technology allows you input confidential information without even using a keyboard – so your indevelopment is safe from capture by ‘screen scrapers’, keyloggers and more.

Automatic Exploit Prevention

Kasperskies Pure defends against the exploitation of vulnerabilities. Malware is increasingly targeting vulnerabilities within commonly-supplied COMPUTER applications. Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security consists of a brand-new modern technology – Automatic Exploit Prevention – that blocks malware from exploiting such vulnerabilities. Automatic Exploit Prevention scans your PC for vulnerabilities and also controls the actions of any kind of programs that have vulnerabilities. It blocks exploits by:

Password Manager*

Kaspersky’s Password Manager not just boosts your defense – by generating secure, random passwords – it additionally instantly logs you onto your website accounts and also applications, consisting of Skype and also Instant Messenger. Now, with the new Password Sync feature, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 secudepend stores your passwords online in the cloud. With Password Sync, you can safely access your passwords from any PC and also be immediately logged onto your favored websites and applications.

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Online backup

Kasperskies Pure renders data backup also even more convenient for your use. If your PC stops working, Kaspersky’s flexible backup functions mean you have the right to still accessibility your records, photos, music and other records. Kaspersky PURE 3.0 lets you backup your data onto your hard drive, removable media or a selection of other physical storage. In enhancement, the new Online Back-up attribute enables you to store as much as 2 GB of backup documents virtual, via Dropbox – so you can usage any kind of COMPUTER through an Net link to accessibility your backup.

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