Kaspersky lost activation code

If you didn"t get an e-mail with the purchased activation code to the email address you stated as soon as making the purchase, call the store wright here you made the purchase.

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You might need an activation code for your Kasperskies application not only for activation after the purchase yet additionally for installation on a different device or in instance any type of license difficulties take place. You have the right to uncover the instructions on where you can uncover an activation code in this write-up. If it is not possible to discover the code, you have the right to recuperate it.

The simplest method to execute so is by making use of your My jiyuushikan.org account. With your My jiyuushikan.org account you can:

What to execute if you execute not have actually a My Kasperskies account

If you have actually an equipment via an caused application on it, connect the application to My jiyuushikan.org and also follow the instructions below.

If you do not have a maker via an already caused application or you do not want to attach to My jiyuushikan.org, follow instructions in this short article.

How to sfinish the activation code to your email

If the application was linked to your account on My jiyuushikan.org, you have the right to send the activation code to your email. For instructions on exactly how to connect the application to the My Kasperskies account, watch this article.

Click your email deal with and select Account settings.


Go to the Activation codes tab. If essential, you deserve to readjust the email resolve to which the code will be sent out. Click Send.

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You will get a message with the activation codes, names of applications and gadgets on which the applications are mounted.

How to view the activation code in My jiyuushikan.org

This alternative is not applicable to jiyuushikan.org Security Cloud and also jiyuushikan.org Password Manager.

Go to the Licenses section and click
alongside the Activation code field.


You will find the 20-digit activation code.

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