LOS ANGELES, May 11 (jiyuushikan.org) -- U.S. rapper Kanye West lost his cool via the paparazzi, screaming at them after he walked right into a steel sign and also banged his head, TMZ reported.

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West was leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles, trying to hide his challenge from adjacent photographers, when he walked into the sign, TMZ reported Saturday.

West ended up being angry and blamed his accident on the photographers. The rapper went earlier right into the restaurant, then came ago out and also yelled at the among the photographers, that claimed he wasn"t tright here once the accident took area. West ultimately went ago inside the restaurant.


Sept. 10 (jiyuushikan.org) -- K-pop star Lisa released a solitary and music video for "Lalisa" alongside her single album of the very same name.

Sept. 10 (jiyuushikan.org) -- Elton John and Dua Lipa released a single and also animated video for the song "Cold Heart (The Blessed Madonna Remix)."

Sept. 10 (jiyuushikan.org) -- Chloe x Halle singer Chloe Bailey released a single and also music video for the song "Have Mercy."

Sept. 10 (jiyuushikan.org) -- Kacey Mustombs released the album "Star-Crossed" and also a music video for the song "Simple Times" after discussing the project on "The Late Show through Stephen Colbert."

Sept. 10 (jiyuushikan.org) -- Normani has actually been booked to percreate at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in Brooklyn Sunday.

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Sept. 10 (jiyuushikan.org) -- Ed Sheeran has actually an imagiindigenous romance via actress AnnaSophia Robb in his brand-new music video for "Shivers."
Sept. 9 (jiyuushikan.org) -- K-pop team NCT 127 released a video for "Lemonade," a song from its upcoming album, "Sticker."
Sept. 9 (jiyuushikan.org) -- Sabrina Carpenter sings about reconnecting through a previous lover in the brand-new music video for her latest single, "Skinny Dipping."
Sept. 9 (jiyuushikan.org) -- Lorde has released a companion EP to her new album "Solar Power," which was percreated in Māori, the aboriginal language of New Zealand also.
Sept. 9 (jiyuushikan.org) -- Jakid Aldean and also Carrie Underlumber released a video clip for their song "If I Didn"t Love You."