4: Journal of the Reef Cryptarch

And that’s left of Master Ives is a box full of his possessions and also his tattered robe of the Cryptarchy. The trail has as soon as aacquire gone cold.

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We answered our crazy ex-girlfriend’s text expecting some fun juicy brand-new weapon and got nopoint. Much like what would occur in actual life…

All hail the Thundertoad!

I heard you were too lazy to read? So here’s a video clip.

Oh snap, is this it fellow Guardians? I guess we will discover out. Come on, take this ride through me to see exactly how Amanda is doing…

1: Receive Next off Step

Back at it aacquire, literally as shortly as you end up the last step in Amanda Holliday rings you up. Like, seriously… I didn’t also get 5 minutes till this girl sends out me a message. Whatever before, Amanda. Better be worth it. (If you have issues, try relogging. If you still have worries comment listed below or join Discord thanks!)

2: Journal of the Reef Cryptarch

She goes on and on about exactly how it’s essential or whatever before and also only tells us “Found ’em”. Guess we much better go say hi to our girl, Amanda.

Amanda Reached out to you via a basic message: “Found ’em.” Visit her in the tower and watch what she’s learned.

Rerotate to Amanda Holliday

She can’t even go a week without seeing my lovely face.

3: The Lost Cryptarch

Amanda’s works with seem rather familiar – They’re inside Whispered Falls, in the Outskirts of the EDZ. Find the fallen transmat pad and check out wright here it leads.


Back to the Whispered Falls favor last week/action, but this time it’s various we acquired a mission below.


SPOILERS, yet I guess you knew that.

Alideal, so just run in via the Whispered Falls ’reason you don’t need to actually beat it. Once you obtain to the boss room you’ll see a purple flag on the transmat, hit that switch and also look…

You’re in the Cosmodrone!

That’s appropriate, we’re back baby. Bungie done did it. You gotta run into the wall and make your method to the boss chamber. If you’ve played Destiny 1 you’ll be acquainted. The run to the boss room isn’t hard, yet prior to you obtain right into the wall you do need to kill a Big Boi Shank.

Once you’re in the boss chamber you’ll check out a few trash mobs then Master Ives’ Killer come out of the tube favor the original E3 trailer.

Be cautious, ’cause if you are soloing it this have the right to get hectic. As you burn the boss, more and also even more adds will generate. Luckily, they aren’t limitless spawns and you have the right to clean them all up. I don’t know if it’s cause I hadn’t had actually my cup of coffee or I was just trash this particular day, but they adds till kill me the initially time. I didn’t realize there would certainly be so many and also tried to just emphasis the boss dvery own.

Once you obtain Master Ives’ Killer dvery own to about 1/4 wellness a Big Boi Servitor will certainly spawn and also begin shielding losers. Two pops through a Whisper and also he’s down.

Now just focus the boss dvery own and win.

That’s not all folks, now you’ve obtained to escape!

You’ll be fine though, simply run back out and hit up the transmat you came in at. The just enemies that are will be approximately are inside the wall, however as soon as you make it out you’re residence free.

4: The Lost Cryptarch

Master Ives has been avenged. Rerevolve to Amanda Holliday to wrap up.

Rerotate to Amanda Holliday

Profit: Ives’s Last Engram

Petra Venj entrusted Amanda Holliday via every one of Master Ives’s possessions. Now that the Cryptarch’s death has actually been avenged, this engram belongs to the Guardian who lugged that justice.

You will then obtain an Exotic engram called Ives’s Last Engram. Any guess at what this is? I’ll provide you 1…

Run over to the alive Cryptarch, decrypt and…



Looks choose our crazy ex-girlfriend wasn’t just booty calling us. Well, I mean… Thunderlord is a pretty shiny bit of booty, so I guess she did. Not all ex’s are negative I suppose.

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All hail the Thundertoad!

Now here’s the real treat, if you desire to be a whale and also spfinish REAL LIFE MONEY, Tessaverse has actually 2 skins for you in packages:



If only I wasn’t a damaged SOB, this Sonic Fanboi wants to be Faster than Speeeeed

Anyways, there you have actually it! Get you a Thundertoad and obtain croaking… I mean cracking.