It" one of the biggest UFC cards of the year through Conor McGregor and Jose Alperform doing battle. Here" just how you deserve to watch Saturday" megafight.

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What: UFC 194 | When: Saturday, 10 p.m. ETWhere: Las Vegas -- MGM Grand Garden Arena

The two titans of the UFC are finally set to lay it all on the line. Conor McGregor and also Jose Aldo will certainly battle for the featherweight crvery own on Saturday. The time for talking is over.

McGregor is trying to find his 3rd win of the year after getting rid of of Chad Mendes in the second round in July to take the interim featherweight title. Alexecute was compelled out of action just prior to that fight through a rib injury and hasn" stepped right into the octagon because October 2014. 

Fight card

Featherweight: Jose Alexecute "" (C) (25-1-0) vs. " Notorious" Conor McGregor (18-2-0)

Middleweight: Chris Weidman (C) (13-0-0) vs. Luke Rockhost (14-2-0)

Middleweight: Ronalperform Souza (23-3-0) vs. Yoel Romero (10-1-0)

Welterweight: Damien Maia (21-6-0) vs. Gunnar Nelboy (14-1-1)

Featherweight: Max Holloway (14-3-0) vs. Jeremy Stephens (24-11-0)

Odds per (as of Friday)

McGregor (-117) vs. Alperform (-103)

Weidguy (-131) vs. Rockhost (+111)

Souza (-145) vs. Romero (+125)

Maia (-115) vs. Nelkid (-105)

Hollomeans (-525) vs. Stephens (+410)

How to watch

TV: Pay-Per-View ($49.99-59.99) | Online: UFC.TV ($59.99)

* Also available on set-optimal boxes favor Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Playterminal 4.

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Lots of talking

McGregor has taken complete benefit of his microphone time leading as much as this fight. He has actually consistently taken shot after shot after swarm at Aldo: calling him soft, scared and also ill-all set for Saturday" main event. On the other hand, Alcarry out has actually laid back and permitted McGregor to say whatever he wants. 

" guy" functioning for me," he sassist. "" basically making me money, so how can I be angry with him? I think he did incredibly excellent for the weight class so I" happy with that. Nothing" readjusted. He" still " Joker" to me. He" doing excellent job-related. He" bringing me money. But he" still the very same to me."

Too a lot rest?

It" been 14 months given that Alexecute has actually stepped right into the octagon for a fight. Many kind of fighters that experience that long of a layoff check out some drop off in performance in the ring. On the other hand, McGregor is entering his 3rd fight of the year and also shows up as fresh as have the right to be.